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* i need a friend.....
  tukun - 01/04/09 22:55
  hello ,
I am 29 years old woman. i am looking for a friend. I am tired of being alone in the juorney of USMLE.I supposed to have someone loving by my side but unfortunately I didnt meet my soulmate yet. I need a true friend whom I can share anything.

Please , please ,please if you dont like it ,dont make fun of it. I know this is not a matching website. But I get lot of help during my journey to usmle through this forum. Who knows i can meet him through this effort.

If anyone in their early thirties and didnt find their soulmate you can response to This is not a spam and only serious people reply please.

If I irritate someone with this post, I am sorry for this. But I just want to give it a try. Thanks.
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* Re:i need a friend.....
  wobertow - 01/08/09 07:28
  i can be your friend. i'm going thru usmle also. i'm just about to take step2 ck in a few days. how about you? are you done with your steps already? maybe you'll find your soulmate during your residency training :)  
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* Re:i need a friend.....
  brainlegs - 01/09/09 00:13
  be careful tukun... you are a bit naive.

this is still an anonymous internet site.. lot's of bad people out there playing games..
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* Re:i need a friend.....
  solsal - 01/12/09 21:53
  dear friend I can understand your feeling,but do not let frustration led you in wrong directions as brainlegs told you have to be careful. do not trust anybody here  
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* Re:i need a friend.....
  ledo - 01/16/09 19:35
  tukun, I do appreciate your feelings,but you are seeking in the wrong place..All the online friends are gohsts ..We got stabbed in our backs many times from friends we met in the real life..What do you think about ppl we meet online !..I am not judging any one but be careful so much or you better not to do it this way.
Let us hear from you.

Best wishes.
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