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* Internal Medicine 2011
  shomolangma - 09/03/10 07:37
  Let's post here for people who are enrolling IM this year, God bless you.

Rejection/Accept IV date:
Reason (Rejection):

You can add on more about your credit, that would be helpful for people here and maybe in the next year match.
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* Re:*************Internal Medicine 2011************
  nono - 09/03/10 10:11
  We are pleased to find your application for our Internal Medicine Residency
Program among our applicants. We believe we have an outstanding educational
program, and are glad that you are interested in learning more.

We are busy reviewing applications and trying to be as efficient as possible
when extending our invitations. Please do not interpret the silence from us
over the next month to be lack of interest.

****If your application "does not" have the USMLE transcripts for Steps 1, 2
(CS & CK), please make sure that you update the information to ERAS as soon as
possible, so your file can be reviewed in its entirety. Please note it can
take 3-4 days before your transcripts are downloaded. *****

For applicants who are waiting for their ECFMG certificate, as long as you
have your ECFMG certificate downloaded by rank day your application will still
be reviewed.

There is no need to follow up on your application.

Karen Demarest
Residency Coordinator
Saint Peter's University Hospital

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* Re:*************Internal Medicine 2011************
  aspirin99 - 09/03/10 10:19
  this is a very old letter, i saw somewhere else, nono, are you applying, or you are working for a company to fish something here and sell for $??  
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* Re:*************Internal Medicine 2011************
  neversaydie4 - 09/03/10 10:21
  nono is trying to make threads for all specialties and update things in order, if u can not understand.  
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* Re:*************Internal Medicine 2011************
  neversaydie4 - 09/03/10 10:28
  acceptance mail from Pinnaclehealth PA.  
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* Re:*************Internal Medicine 2011************
  nono - 09/03/10 10:50
  @ neversaydie4



Buddy, I dont know if this is your first match or second. These threads are very helpful. Alot applicants made their lists this year, by getting info from threads of last year. I wish you good luck for the match. And please contribute some time here to help others.
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* Re:*************Internal Medicine 2011************
  nono - 09/03/10 10:58
  I did not apply in IM but was collected all info here for IM applicant.

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* Re:*************Internal Medicine 2011************
  shomolangma - 09/03/10 11:04
  Me too, I'm not come from any business of firm. I'm just an Asian physician who has the same attitude like "nono". You know, as an IMG, we are inferior to native. So why don't we pack together to be stronger?? We are the crop of the cream from Asian and Estern Europe countries to find better opportunity in terms of academia and life style. Fight together, Win this game together. No racist effect can do anything to us if we're strong enough with the power. And such power will be from "information".  
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* Re:*************Internal Medicine 2011************
  neversaydie4 - 09/03/10 14:06
  acknowledgment from Huron.  
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* Re:*************Internal Medicine 2011************
  jayshah - 09/03/10 14:19
  with information you can not do anything my dear..ou need good credentials.. and/or good contacts thats it...  
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* Re:*************Internal Medicine 2011************
  janhavi - 09/03/10 14:44
  rejection from gutherie robert ,pa
because of high vol...etc....
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