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* eyelid laceration
  lascrusesdoc - 09/02/10 22:48
  A 10-year-old Caucasian boy is brought to the emergency department (ED) after a major car accident. He was unresponsive when the ambulance arrived to the site, but regained consciousness soon after arrival to the ED. He is oriented to time and space, and is able to move his extremities and obey commands. Careful inspection reveals several deep scalp lacerations and a horizontal laceration of the right upper lateral eyelid with deep fat tissue in the wound. The right eyelid is swollen. The pupils are symmetric and reactive to light. Which of the following structures is most likely injured as a result of the eyelid laceration in this patient?1. Punctum
2. Canaliculi
3. Levator muscle
4. Nasolacrimal duct
5. Lacrimal sac
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* Re:eyelid laceration
  fascia - 09/02/10 22:49
  3. Levator Muscle  
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* Re:eyelid laceration
  usmle_doc3 - 09/02/10 22:52
  levator muscle  
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* Re:eyelid laceration
  lascrusesdoc - 09/03/10 00:03
  thats correct.  
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* Re:eyelid laceration
  stella114 - 06/19/17 03:51
  I think there is a great need to first know everything about eyelid laceration. Generally, eyelid laceration is a common features of the ocular trauma and it generally occurs in isolation without any kind of associated intraocular injuries. There is a lot you need to know about this eyelid issue. After knowing about this issue, you can able to find the best solution to get rid of eyelid laceration. You can have a look at for complete information.  
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* Re:eyelid laceration
  mathews336 - 06/19/17 08:57
  Levator muscle  
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