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* failed CS twice but passed on 3rd attempt
  oocyte - 08/17/11 23:00
This is my story with CS. I am an IMG and I done with step 1 and step 2CK . Passed both exams on first attempt. Finished medical school as one of the best students and never ever failed any medical exam or test. I wrote CS exam in the last year. Failed the first attempt because of, all components, failed the second attempt because of SEP only at this moment I was sure that I will fail with this part again as there no way to improve this part in short time also this is only part that is completely evaluate by SP and no other parts can compensate it . I was wondering what was wrong with me considering my past medical school prowess.
However i was determined to give it a third and final attempt. The third attempt came within 6 months of the first attempt and again on the day of the exam, most of the SPs complained that they couldn't hear what i was saying. My result was finally released on the first day AUG 17 of the scoring period and i passed I was dying at this moment as this time my performance was more worse than the 2nd time.
ALL MY trials were in LA.

This is just an encouragement for someone out there who feels like giving up, not to but to strive further because success is ahead. I am indeed grateful to God for the success because i thought i would not make it but he surprised me indeed.
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* Re:failed CS twice but passed on 3rd attempt
  matchpath2013 - 03/10/12 14:10

I am sorry to hear that.

Where did you take your CS ? Can you tell me the name?

I failed once too, am now preparing for the second attempt, hope can get it down in August.
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* Re:failed CS twice but passed on 3rd attempt
  dubu - 03/10/12 16:50
  @matchpatch, 1st LA,2ndAtlanta, 3rd CHicago  
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* Re:failed CS twice but passed on 3rd attempt
  oocyte - 03/10/12 20:42
  changing the center is not a good option try to read Kaplan Cs book this will allow you to know why u failed  
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* Re:failed CS twice but passed on 3rd attempt
  febs9t - 07/21/19 10:23
  @oocyte please email me i have some questions for you. It's urgent  
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* Re:failed CS twice but passed on 3rd attempt
  krunaldoc - 08/29/19 04:01
  I just found out I passed CS on second attempt after attending a class. despite failing one time before without using anything just my family as study partners, you really need a course for this exam. Thats what i learned and some people only seek help if they fail, i should have went to the class first, i regret that.  
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* Re:failed CS twice but passed on 3rd attempt
  drsuliman - 09/09/19 00:07
  I took USMLE step 2 cs training from dr ahmed at the cochroach infested red roof hotel and his training sessions mislead me on my exam, I FAILED WITH LOW PERFORMANCE IN ICE AND SEP because of this ineffective tutor. He did not cover the recent changes for the 2019 exam and he took a payment from me without performing the final 2 hours services. I will be reporting him to NBME and the police for theft. the staff at the red roof are a bunch of thieves as they have stolen property from many student that reside there. Please advise all of your friends to avoid the red roof and dr ahmed, he is ineffective and doesn't understqnd the recent changes for this yr. He looks like he is in his 40s middle eastern brown complexion. he is a very nasty person and is ineffective please avoid him at all costs.  
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* Re:failed CS twice but passed on 3rd attempt
  drpauley - 10/02/19 03:41
  I failed my CS exam in low performance with NYCSPREP
They also force their students to write fake reviews of the class well before they get their TEST results back, they will tell you that you can get free private training if you write a review. So this is a total scam as I got my score back and I had only 1 star in ICE failing and 1 star in CIS,
The lecturer made several mistakes and only spent 1 hour each day with us, this was not sufficient to cover all the chief complaints and physical exams.
It is considered fraud to ask someone to create a Google review without Passing their exam first this is a total fraud, before my scores comeback
Their review course is also very superficial and they dont show you what to do in history or physical exam. SO BEWARE OF THIS PROGRAM IT IS A TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY AND TIME, DO NOT WRITE A REVIEW FOR THEM UNTIL YOU GET YOUR TEST RESULTS BACK
I FAILED MY EXAM WITH NYCS PREP AND SO DID 5 of my friends that took the NYCS course.I am warning all students of the scam they have and to not get tricked like me and my experience. They took advantage of me and they deserve a poor rating.
This is the scam location of NYCS prep at address -FACILITY IS VERY SMALL, and we had to share patients and practice on each other for their mock exam, total waste of time.
their fraud location is 1970 Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd, New York, NY 10026.

is total waste of time and money
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