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* score recheck
  mylove09 - 08/31/11 19:24
  unfortunately i failed , SEP,i dont know how that happened i got very high performance faaaaaar away from border line in questioning skills , professional manner and rapport , sharing information,so i really dont know how that happened, during encounter i didnt find any difficulties in contacting with sps i was enjoying each encounter , any one knows how they assess my languge????!!! how can i get high performance in these subcomponents if my languge is not good???!!! , i got high performance in data gathering too ,and passed PNs .
i practiced alot , practiced life and via skype, i cant belive that may be it is kind of denial , but really i feel very deppressed,
now my q is i am trying to apply for score recheck do you think it is helpfull , is there any rescore, any one with score recheck experience, please let me know.
your reply will be appreciated
thanks in advance.
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* Re:score recheck
  step2csfmg - 08/31/11 19:45
  u should go for recheck  
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* Re:score recheck
  mylove09 - 09/01/11 00:31
  step2csfmg : do you think it may help ?? any one with score recheck experience ?  
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* Re:score recheck
  phoenix8666 - 09/01/11 01:03
  I did is wastage of money.. result never changes..  
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* Re:score recheck
  usmle11 - 09/01/11 02:43
  Sad to hear this. They say there are very slim chances, if at all, for the results to change. In b/w when did u receive ur results??? If not on the first week of the reporting period, then know then had already done quality assurance at least before sending the results to you. Courage. I failed CS the first time and believe me, it hurts.  
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* Re:score recheck
  mylove09 - 09/01/11 03:18
  acually i recieved my result aug 17, but i was shocked , really very depressed , socially withdrawn, i think you were in the same boat usmle11 and you can imagine my feelings, so i couldnt do any thing. but if there is a chance even 0.000....ect 001 for rescore i will apply for it.  
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* Re:score recheck
  oocyte - 09/01/11 05:10
  Reapply again and start over again
see my experiences at
failed SEP twice
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* Re:score recheck
  usmle11 - 09/01/11 08:02
  I have a first hand experience with a failed CS and i understand exactly what u can be going through right now. It cost nothing more than some dollars to recheck. Give it a try then and hope something good comes out of it! Luck!!!  
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* Re:score recheck
  jeanrobert - 09/02/11 09:32
  I m sorry to hear about that doc. Where did you take the exam???  
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* Re:score recheck
  mylove09 - 09/02/11 20:26
  Thank you guys for replying , i took my exam in PA july 13 , i dont know do think my result is logic according to my post above , i dont know how they assess language ????!!!!!
any one knows???!!
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* Re:score recheck
  mydream270 - 09/02/11 20:39
  to mylove09

sorry to hear that.
i want to tell you something about score recheck for cs exam is not like the other exams , there are only certain component of the cs exam can be rechecked like PN other components can't be reassessed again. I 'm sure of what I'M saying you can check for cs exam recheck score they mentioned this exception .
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