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* Administrative procedure 221g
  sure_suceed - 05/12/11 20:28
  I went for Interview in Chennai and was given a 221g in which the officer is asking for my USMLE license!?. I am not sure what she meant. Anyone knows how long can the administrative process can take?  
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* Re:Administrative procedure 221g
  uamsguy - 05/12/11 20:39
those guys make it hard for indian guys! at least it seems so. USMLE license? Where you applying for an H1 visa? ussually they need a state license, only some states do not require it.
the 221(g) can take pretty much as much as they want.
Did the give you a request for evidence notice? or something like that?
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* Re:Administrative procedure 221g
  sure_suceed - 05/12/11 20:55
  I went for J1 visa. I said that i will be exempt from license, but she said still she needs proof. They gave me a form that says 221g. Now what should I do?  
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* Re:Administrative procedure 221g
  uamsguy - 05/12/11 21:04
  that's a request for evidence then.
whci state did you apply to?
usually you do not need to provide that, but given your case seems you're in a tight spot.

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* Re:Administrative procedure 221g
  uamsguy - 05/12/11 21:04
  usually you just need a DS2019 and a statement of need.
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* Re:Administrative procedure 221g
  sure_suceed - 05/12/11 23:23
  I havent applied for the license. I am exempt from license. I think a letter from the program saying that I am exempt from it will be sufficient. What do others think?  
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* Re:Administrative procedure 221g
  uamsguy - 05/12/11 23:27
  it won't
you need a copy of the state medical board regulations, regarding who is extempt of the licensure requirements. that's why I asked you about your state.
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* Re:Administrative procedure 221g
  medicine11 - 05/13/11 10:42
  221g may take any where between 4 to 8 weeks , and for j1 as given in the website they will try to do it fast as we will have to meet deadlines in school ,
you don't need to show any license , usmle license could be ECFMG certificate but check with your school and get a letter from them

for my friend who went on H1 took 6 weeks , inform them about your school deadlines and provide the necessary documents you should get it done fast
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* Re:Administrative procedure 221g
  cinnamon - 05/13/11 15:09
  hey guys i filled "yes" to study in ds-160, but it asked i-20 in the end instead of did u guys do it?  
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* Re:Administrative procedure 221g
  sure_suceed - 05/14/11 07:59
  thank you guys for reply. medicine11. I will definitely write to consulate telling about the school deadlines.  
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* Re:Administrative procedure 221g
  bloodflesh - 05/16/11 20:45
  You should hire a US immigration attorney asap if you do not know what you are doing in terms of visa application. 221g can take anywhere from a week to never getting the visa. You must provide evidence of what they asked you asap.  
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