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* Preparing for 2013
  rev_usmle - 03/26/12 20:38
  I am a recent grad preparing for the 2013 match..I am in the process of preparing my personal statements and am looking into the various sites for help with developing..came across this site which ranked a few of them, but wanted your opinion on which one is good?

It says cspersonalstatements is good for medical statements..has anyone used their services? is it good?

any opinion is greatly appreciated...


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* Re:Preparing for 2013
  syed30 - 03/27/12 22:06

I matched successfully this year. I was in the same situation last year and I went with CSpersonalstatements. I would surely recommend that service...had a wonderful statement with all the stuff I needed to express.

Gud luck..

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* Re:Preparing for 2013
  ia - 03/27/12 22:24
  My opinion would be to NEVER use any service!

Write your own personal statement...and get friends and family to look over it...and get the advice of someone who is very fluent in English.

Using such services is deeply frowned on....they use generic statements and people get caught for such plagiarism! Also, if the PD feels during your interview that your English skills are not on par with the level of english on your personal statement, it can be obvious that you didn't write it.

English is not my first language. I spent three months working on my personal statement...writing it and re writing. I searched online for sample personal statements and i read books on how to best write your personal statement. Then i wrote my own. In order for it to be unique, it has to come from you.

Anyway that's just my opinion. Good luck with your matching.
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* Re:Preparing for 2013
  rev_usmle - 03/28/12 00:25
  Syed and ia..Thank you for your valuable inputs..

I understand the importance of this document and I do believe coming up with my own statement. but, I m having severe thought blocks..i am a fmg and do not have any native english speaking writing skills are also not that great.

by the way, is it a good idea to give the letter for editing after i write my own? how do these editing services work? do they give any suggestions on improving or just look for errors?? are they trustworthy? any experience in that? anyone..
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* Re:Preparing for 2013
  titanmd - 03/28/12 05:43
  I agree with ia, your personal statement should be unique and compelling. An editing service might just make yours look like everyone else's. The plagiarism issue is a real thing as well.  
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* Re:Preparing for 2013
  apgar10 - 03/28/12 10:41
  This will come up time and again but having gone through and seeing other friends go through this, I feel most candidates think that by sprucing up the PS by getting someone else to write it, they can create a better profile. While that is true on paper, I will assure you that most people who do this are doing more harm than good.

Interviewers were not born yesterday. It is VERY EASY to find out in a SPLIT SECOND. The interview is all about body language and words that suggest confidence and an honest disposition, which candidates will never get if

1) use PS editing services
2) wrote fraudulent letters/wrote letters and got it signed
3) misrepresent information on the CV.

Yes, some people might slip through but they will suffer during the residency and beyond.

Please read this:
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* Re:Preparing for 2013
  nrini - 03/28/12 15:08
  I totally agree with the fact that plagiarism is not to be underestimated. However, from my personal experience, a statement should be well written cannot absolutely afford blatant grammatical errors or mistakes, or as a matter of fact, even writing which is flat and uninteresting..

I have had to deal with it last year and I rinsed and repeated all my thoughts for writing a statement...finally, I caved in and approached a professional service and took inputs from them. Surprisingly, it worked..I provided my ideas to them and they put it in words that I would not have done so matter how much time I spend on it (and talking about time ,I was shuffling thousand things at a time) I guess it worked out fine for me...

But be careful while choosing your service..make sure they go through the copyscape check and make sure all the ideas in the statement are yours..if that is the case, I am not sure why anything has to go wrong..I am the living testimonial for that

I would not want to risk entering into the interview with a flat, errored document...I can speak good english but am not a creative professional service helped me reach my goal with a little affordable investment..

There are many good services out there...choose wisely though...I agree with syed on this one, me and a couple of friends approached Carl and it worked out great for fact, we compared our statements and not a single word was matching..that was actually great
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* Re:Preparing for 2013
  rev_usmle - 04/18/12 15:48
  Hi all

I wanted to update that I got my statement edited by cspersonalstatements. Yeah, I prepared my own draft and thought it is better to get it edited professionally. Carl did a wonderful job and provided me with excellent inputs to improve my statement. Thought I could share my experience here..

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* Re:Preparing for 2013
  sethgriffin - 10/31/19 09:58
  I always use the same services. I can get the high quality and unique essay within a short time. I can recommend you this service  
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