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* MGH observership.
  uptodate - 03/26/12 20:52
  Has anyone done observership in MGH? (
Is it worth paying more than 7K for it?
Will they give us LOR after it?
I really appreciate your advice. Thanks.
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* Re:MGH observership.
  inxs - 03/26/12 23:46
  Sounds like a rip-off. One month for that much $$??? They will gladly take your $7K and you may or may not get a LOR. if you are only observing (not true USCE) you can't do anything, so how can they write a good LOR anyway?  
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* Re:MGH observership.
  nehmemorial - 03/27/12 09:59
  MGH is a great institution but as an observer you are still quite limited in what you can and can not do. There are a lot of places (university hospitals, community programs) that have observerships for free or much less cost. I list 40 observership programs on a post on my blog

When faculty writes a letter for an observer it should state something like "Observers at our institution may not participate in direct patient care. As such, I am not able to comment on Dr. XYZs clinical examination skills." When I see this in a letter then I know that the letter writer is being honest.

That being said the letter writer can and often does state something like the following "On rounds however, Dr. XYZ quickly established him/herself as a knowledgeable, thoughtful and effective physician. Dr. XYZ is bright and industrious and his/her clinical knowledge is superb."

So letter writers can and do comment on things that are important for a PD to know about a candidate to the limits of what is allowed for an observer. The physician whom the observer has worked with has seen the candidate in "action" to a point and in general will try to convey positive impressions of that candidate.

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* Re:MGH observership.
  ebolaa - 03/27/12 13:17
  may be great but i would imgaine FMG portal or americlerkships would offer you way more opportunities and letters for that amount
good luck
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* Re:MGH observership.
  trendydoc - 03/27/12 13:50
  What is MGH? My suggestion.. look up for physicians in your are on the internet. call atleast 50-60 of them n leave a message with your phone no with the receptionist. Prepare a brief intro of yourself. very few of them will call back and one or two will allow you to observe them. I did one year of externship, nine months of observership, have been doing a research for the last eight months... didnt pay a single penny. You might have to keep trying for a few weeks but you will find something. Prepare your CV. Go to the local universities n ask for the research building. find out what researches are going on, go talk to those professors in person, find out about their ongoing researches and impress them with your interest in their project. you can also email them but not many people reply coz they are busy. It seems very difficult but in the beginning n also you might get frustrated because most people will say no but keep trying and you will find something. good luck. I personally dont think you need to pay big bucks for observerships n externships.  
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* Re:MGH observership.
  trendydoc - 03/27/12 13:53
  Pl excuse my ignorance. Mass gen Hospital is a great institution but I'm not sure if it is worth paying 7K.  
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* Re:MGH observership.
  uptodate - 03/27/12 22:45
  Thank you everyone for your sincere advice! I appreciate. OK, I will try free observerships at first, as mentioned by nehmemorial and trendydoc. I hope I'll get one. Never give up:)
GL to all!!
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* Re:MGH observership.
  lysine - 03/28/12 10:59
  @trendydoc HARVARD
MGH is the Teaching hospital of Harvard University
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* Re:MGH observership.
  king2010 - 03/29/12 20:20
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* Re:MGH observership.
  ingailly - 07/01/20 05:14
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* Re:MGH observership.
  katieroot - 09/22/20 12:38
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