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* Failed step 3 twice
  peace4all - 02/22/12 10:53
  I am in a terrible situation where I failed step3 twice with exactly same score of 74 and 186. Am in my second year of residency and cannot ask for any time off to do any better. I almost now remember entire UW (sine I have done it more than 2 times). I also did Kaplan and MTB along with Kaplan Q bank. Was score between 55-58 % on Kaplan and high 60s on UW. Feel devastated. Dont know, where to start now and what to do that I havent done before.
Any help is immensely appreciated.
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* Re:Failed step 3 twice
  nohope4me - 02/22/12 11:47
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* Re:Failed step 3 twice
  peace4all - 02/22/12 11:59
  Thanks for your response. My CCS portion is half way on either side of the bar. Do you think, archer CCS will help me cross the border? Or should I look into his lectures, as everyone else here is saying.
Did you also fail step3 ever and if yes, how was your CCS performance on it. Truly appreciative of yr time and help.
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* Re:Failed step 3 twice
  nohope4me - 02/22/12 12:10
  yes i failed it more then you did( no kidding), and my performance was half in the gray area and half in the high side, MCQ border line, i did not want to waist my money on archur before cause i am already in residency, but let me tell you and it is not an add, but the ccs ones are worse every penny, my performance today was all high not a single star near the gray area, and if you look in to my poasting from my exam day i felt that i did bad with 2 cases, but the steps he show you really help, i would do it if was you, you will thank me later
the lectures are waste of time and money if you need them do cardio and endocrin.
good luck
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* Re:Failed step 3 twice
  docsammd - 02/22/12 12:52
  Archer CCS was a godsend. I can only recommend the CCS portion and kaplan mastering the boards. Thats all that did and i blew out CCS all on the right side with a asterisk  
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* Re:Failed step 3 twice
  peace4all - 02/22/12 13:25
  Thank you all. nohope4me, could you please give me your email id and honestly your id is exactly what I am feeling right now.
Many thanks again.
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* Re:Failed step 3 twice
  neha38 - 02/22/12 14:57
  That is unfortunate but don't worry. Results come in june anyway so try to take it in 2 months so you will have result by next eras season.
It is heartwarming to see so many people find CCS working and how archer is so damn good helpful. When I said the same thing few days back how useful I find archer , some people here put allegations on me that I was advertising. That is life. You would not know until you personally experience :)
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* Re:Failed step 3 twice
  meti - 02/23/12 00:45
  Definitely I remembered you peace4all:)
It's hard when you are in residency specially if it is not direct clinical residency.

I would suggest you:
1) Practice CCS very well -- like do every case - by writing in a paper/pen -- check with UW soft -- where you are doing wrong - make a note, only what are you forgetting
-- make a note for only treatment for all case

2) Read a primary care book
3) Read MTB -

Then go back to MCQ-UW.

I know telling is always easy!
Make a wise plan, read with partner (for step 3, it's hard to find)
You will do it! Doing residency is much harder than step 3:)
Best wishes
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* Re:Failed step 3 twice
  schmertz - 02/23/12 01:31
  @ meti
can you please let us know what primary care book you recommend and
what is MTB-

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* Re:Failed step 3 twice
  schmertz - 02/23/12 01:33
  @ meti

please e-mail me about that
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* Re:Failed step 3 twice
  schmertz - 02/23/12 01:34
  @ meti,

i forgot to includ my e-mail:
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