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* Passed at 6th attempt! Is it of any use?
  kuntakinte - 03/03/12 03:06
  I am relieved to have passed this beast of an exam after 6 attempts.... I know..I know its a record number of failures to even continue trying, but I did it.
My question now is this - will any residency programme look at me with this kind of stats?

I have 3 attempts in step 1 and 2 each with low scores, old graduate, post grad training and experience in family medicine in Ireland and UK, IMG US citizen.

Family all in US

Any one seen a match with this kind of stats? Or should I just hang the ECFMG certificate on the wall as a worthless trophy?
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* Re:Passed at 6th attempt! Is it of any use?
  obecalp - 03/03/12 05:44
  While I sympathise with your situation, I don't think it's likely that you'll match anywhere - IF you don't have any personal connections in residency programs. That might help you.

One Q you might face down the road (i.e. interviews) is: Why did you even fail once? I mean, with Q-banks and NBME self-assessments, you can wait to take the exam until you get e.g. >220 consistently, and be 99% sure that you'll at least pass. Is this rocket science?

@kaplanmedtest: Stop spamming!

PS I accidently posted the same message in as I had two windows open.. Sry about that...
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* Re:Passed at 6th attempt! Is it of any use?
  kuntakinte - 03/03/12 07:33
  Thanks robot. Any inputs from a real person?  
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* Re:Passed at 6th attempt! Is it of any use?
  vitruvius - 03/03/12 11:05
  Of course continue to try, I have finished a residency and had seen and others speak of many people with attempts on all parts and were doning well in their fields. In the end its to do everything to get your foot in the door and you will then see everyone is in the same boat. I know it seems tough, but keep trying, dont give up, be persistant and aggressive in your pursuit and hopefully it will work out.
Did you do any thing differently in your studies when you finally passed step 3.

Good luck in your efforts and dont let anyone get you down
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* Re:Passed at 6th attempt! Is it of any use?
  uce234 - 03/03/12 14:03
  Kuntakinte : although the robot hasn't seen all aspects of life and has not respected your experience . but let me tell you the reality. lst of all for robot to know , trust me I have seen so many 99er in residency who were performing as well as the attempter and low scores but not more, because these exams arenot just knowledge, so many other things. which i don't want to go to the personal veiw is you probably will do great b/c of your prev experience in residency , but here lies the problem. if a chance is given to you to go for the interview ,I am sure those guys will tremendously value your experience vs some one with a high score and no clinical experience, and from clinical experience i don't mean observer ship or externship , I mean work as a resident or a physician, now the real problem is from what i understand but am not completly sure that these coordinator eliminate applicant base on the criteria , so if they don't want attempt , or old DOG or etc , than that applicant never gets to the selecting committee. lst of all i am not claiming like robot to give you a definitive ans , b/c trust me any thing can happen if you are in the right place at the right time, but one thing which will work for sure is the connection if you have it than every thing is 2nd than you are the best applicant , and that happens all the time.  
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* Re:Passed at 6th attempt! Is it of any use?
  kuntakinte - 03/04/12 01:43
  @uce234 - You are right, I think its a bit of a shame that many selection committee members no longer sit at meetings, read applications and deliberate on them. everybody now uses coordinators to weed out apps based on set criteria. But, that's the trend of our time and we have to live with it.

@vitruvius - Thanks for the kind words bro. The only thing I did differently this time to pass was that I did not read too many big books, I stuck with very few materials (MTB mostly) which I read cover to cover and did only UW questions and ccs. In previous attempts I was reading too many materials and not mastering any. So my advice to others, keep it lean on texts but do lot of quality questions....thats the way to go. Unfortunately I realized it too late.

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* Re:Passed at 6th attempt! Is it of any use?
  obecalp - 03/04/12 05:54
  Kuntakinte: Robot? What are you talking about? Will you only respect my opinion if I blow sunshine up your a**? Seriously, will you?

Instead of attacking me for saying something, attack WHAT I'm saying. The fact of the matter is that multiple failures on multiple steps predict multiple failures in subsequent specialty board exams. How is that not going to worry a PD?
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* Re:Passed at 6th attempt! Is it of any use?
  kuntakinte - 03/04/12 06:49
  @obecalp - Great to know you are not a robot! Your first post sounded very automated!! Phew!!!

No, I don't want you blowing sunshine or any other kind of light up my body parts. Thank you for the offer though.

I am not oblivious of the reality that it is an uphill task for me - read my original post.
You think it's game over/TKO for me, others see it differently...I think my fortunes could swing either way.

I appreciate your input and frankly, I know some PDs think and extrapolate the same way you do. The irony is that they have been proved wrong repeatedly. The 2 have no co-relation, I stand corrected if you can show me the stats or studies that prove otherwise. Most of that assumption is based on "knee jerk" stereotypes. The specialty board exams is more of a function of the quality of the residency training/teaching than usmle performance.

Thanks for your frankness though.

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* Re:Passed at 6th attempt! Is it of any use?
  rimantidine - 03/04/12 10:38
  Make connections . Trust me you will find a spot. Its all abt connections now, unless one score in 90s X 3.
I know a girl getting residency in a hospital where no IMGs get hired as residents. It all about strong connections.
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* Re:Passed at 6th attempt! Is it of any use?
  docsammd - 03/04/12 11:37
  I hate saying this but your chances of matching are nil. If you have taken or signed up for Step 3 you will find on the FSMB website limits of attempts for each exam to be certified within a state. With the number of attempts you have, you have already lost the majority of states. No number of connections can get you past a state board.

Wait seven years and if you are ready go for it again do it. The competition for spots is crazy here
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* Re:Passed at 6th attempt! Is it of any use?
  rimantidine - 03/04/12 11:59
  I have a q for u docsamd.
I have just one attempt in CS. If I don't get into residency. Can I go back to med school and redo the usmle exams.
Or just do usmle without going to med school. Since I am abt 10 yrs old grad. Getting done with medicine will make me a fresh med grad.

2).Can I redo usmle. Would the passed attempt other than once CS attempt in the present done usmle will count too toward redoing usmle once my usmle (ecfmg certificate) expires after a few yrs.
I hope I make sense what I am saying.
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