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* NON-Soap programs
  aridane - 03/11/13 13:21
  I got screwed for the fifth year in a row. I have also missed the registration for the NRMP because I didn't receive any email notifications and believed it is now automatic with the new SOAP system. I can't apply to anything but non-soap programs the ones without an asterisk. Does anyone have that list I believe it is very short I'd appreciate anyone giving it to me I don't have much hope that it will make a difference but just want to apply nonetheless.

thank you
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* Re:NON-Soap programs
  saisai11 - 03/11/13 13:35
  me too made such a blunder...noe even if any programs want to take me they can't i guess..just beacause i did not register with nrmp...what would you do with the list if you can't apply?

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* Re:NON-Soap programs
  aridane - 03/11/13 14:49
  nothing but Non-Soap I guess.
I assure you it is all one big money making scheme. half of my friends haven't matched and gave up about three years ago, many went into research or MBA or got married or whatever I am the only one who doesn't want to give up on this foolishly applying, foolishly volunteering foolishly spending money I don't have on this and that, and they love to make money off people's miseries. It is the capitalist world if you can't make money off someone's misery then how can you make it? I have passed all my USMLE"s and am a U.S citizen so don't think it is an FMG missing my step 3 type thing. That's what I used to believe too but it is bullshit. It is all either nepotism and like minded money grubbing fiends with superiority complexes that get called and hired.
It is all about who you know in this dog eat dog world.
At least those of you from overseas don't get denied a residency. What can you honestly do with your medical degree without training. Nothing at all!
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* Re:NON-Soap programs
  bluemonkey - 03/11/13 15:25
  how would you go about applying to NON soap programs tho? just call them up? is that allowed?  
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* Re:NON-Soap programs
  peach2012 - 03/11/13 15:28
  @ aridane seriously tell me how your friends are doing in research/ MBA , how did they enter research?
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* Re:NON-Soap programs
  aridane - 03/11/13 16:01
  blue, my question was for those who have access to the list to part the programs with an asterisk next to them yes you can apply to those, applying is not going to make a difference though from my experience with the scramble over the past five years. If you know of a friend with an access to the list ask them for which programs have an * it will say on the bottom not participating in SOAP so just put it on your eras and send or send by email.

Peach you can always apply for MBA at any university that offers it, same for masters in public health or whatever, just gonna cost you more money and they love money. research is tricky I did it myself for two years but for free I wasn't getting paid and I didn't get a residency out of it in fact out of the ten of us in research only one matched and not in the program we were working for. I knew then what a joke that was. We were nothing to them but cheap free labor. The rest of my friends have connections either parents in medicine too or connections in some way if you want to be paid for something other than flipping burgers at Mcdies you'll have to know someone on the inside hopefully someone decent who won't just take advantage of you.
People don't want to help you though when you're outside in the cold and they're in. It is human nature save for a few who can look past the mundane but in a way everyone wants to butter their bread and they become territorial.
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* Re:NON-Soap programs
  docbarbour - 03/11/13 16:41
  aridane any luck with the list?  
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* Re:NON-Soap programs
  aridane - 03/11/13 16:58
  doc per my original post I forgot to register for SOAP I can only use ERAS for non SOAP participants programs. Do you have those for me by any chance?

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* Re:NON-Soap programs
  aridane - 03/11/13 17:00
  technically if you have money to squander and there are programs still unfilled you can apply after the match for off cycle spots, I believe they close ERAS in May or June or around that time so you've all that time to ambush them and pay $$$$$ for them to bin your application.  
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* Re:NON-Soap programs
  docbarbour - 03/11/13 17:01
  in the same boat. trying to get non-soap programs. email me  
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* Re:NON-Soap programs
  aridane - 03/11/13 17:09
  Don't be upset .. it is just a job.. if I weren't in so much med school debt I wouldn't care.. I feel like this is one beaten metaphor. I have lived life around medicine for so long I missed out on everything. Today my friend invited me to her wedding another one is pregnant I am actually older than them and all I could think about is residency residency residency the love of medicine has been so beaten out of me if I can find a kosher alternative to make decent money and not waste whatever is left of my life I would.. it is just psychology commitment & consistency .. we don't apply because we think being a resident is a fantastic paragon it is a matter of having done something for so long and unable to make the paradigm shift if I had started at Mcdies around the time I started my under graduate I'd been as rich as any doctor by now lol.. so don't make this so above you, it is what it is.

best of luck
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