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* ERAS photo help!!!
  waterlilly - 09/02/14 12:26
  I went to CVS and showed them the requirements but they din't know what was i talking about so i took a passport size pic. I came home and scaned it but its coming out to be larger in size..please help me what to do and how to take picture for Eras??  
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* Re:ERAS photo help!!!
  jobel - 09/02/14 12:37
  I had the same problem. I had to ask someone who knows computer to photo crop it for me (it almost like reducing the size until it meets the requirements). I have no idea how he did it because I emailed him the picture with the required guidelines and he sent it back to me. So try asking around, I don't know if there is a program or an app for that but that's how I did it. if anyone else knows another option please share  
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* Re:ERAS photo help!!!
  nm9009 - 09/02/14 12:51
  It is very simple to make the photo in a proper format for ERAS. The scanned photos, as yours, usually have a large volume.
You can resize the photo with "Photoshop software" or any other photo editor that you may have on your computer.
This is also an online free website that you can use to crop and resize your image as desired:
Finally, you also can use "paint" in your computer to simply resize and crop your photo.
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* Re:ERAS photo help!!!
  waterlilly - 09/02/14 13:28
  Thank u so much guys. I will try to do that :)  
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* Re:ERAS photo help!!!
  aag - 09/11/15 21:57
  Usefull!!! site :))

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* Re:ERAS photo help!!!
  sarahimg - 08/24/17 14:16
  Great software for resizing pictures for ERAS!  
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* Re:ERAS photo help!!!
  frankhope - 10/06/20 11:59
  I had an error message on the ERAS upload and tried everything. I found a site that can resize it for you and make sure its at the correct specs.

They sent my resized photo the sameday!

Highly recommend them!
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