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* Failed 2 times !!
  janewatsoniam - 03/12/15 00:36
  I failed my step 1 two times. Totally devastated . This time I failed by 8 marks . I am just confused about what to do next. Should I try again or give up ?  
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* Re:Failed 2 times !!
  janewatsoniam - 03/12/15 00:38
  I am a foriegn medical graduate , but a green card holder , even I give it again and clear next time , any chances of me matching ??  
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* Re:Failed 2 times !!
  drbacchi - 03/12/15 04:11
  Its not enough to pass, you need to score high next time (240+)  
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* Re:Failed 2 times !!
  janewatsoniam - 03/12/15 05:05
  So I shouldn't give up yet ?  
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* Re:Failed 2 times !!
  willpassstep1 - 03/12/15 07:54
  never give up.  
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* Re:Failed 2 times !!
  usmleusmle1231 - 03/12/15 13:46
  the best way is to ask this question in "matching and residency" forum.
Most of us here haven't taken the exam, so our opinions dont really matter. The people who are matching in 5 days, will be able to better guide you.
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* Re:Failed 2 times !!
  img2usa - 03/12/15 17:05
  @passusmle1 sounds like a scam.

honestly, if you were a US med student and failed twice, chances would be close to zero. as an img, almost less than zero.

sorry but this is the truth. if u wanna be in the US, you may want to try for great career like physician assistant (make $100-150k/yr) or nurse practitioner (also 100-150k/yr).
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* Re:Failed 2 times !!
  radkur - 03/13/15 00:56
  Continue and don't listen to others! I am aware of those who have not passed even on the second time and it depends on your score, residency, program and your interview. Strongly recommend that you look into a month rotation in a program.

Failing decreases your chances but it depends on you where you go into!
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* Re:Failed 2 times !!
  ddoc - 03/14/15 18:39
i am in the same boat as you,i didnt take exams seriously before ,my mistake .....but i didnt give up.....starting again now.....we can study together as a team and hopefully ace this time....touchwood....shoot me an email at can make a plan.bye
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* Re:Failed 2 times !!
  disciplineddoctor - 03/16/15 13:00
  Listen!!! Never don't give up!! I know one person that he failed 4 !! CS ..yes! 4 times!! right now he is a resident in FM. keeping study hard. He never give up. good lucky!!  
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* Re:Failed 2 times !!
  drstem - 03/16/15 15:07
  I have an attempt in CS and have failed step 1 also. I am not giving up. Don't listen to anyone who is telling you that you cannot match. This is your battle to face. Fight it. No two applicants are alike. You are unique. Don't believe all the rumors that say that it is hard to get in etc....It is hard otherwise also. Such rumors have been going on for over ten years and still people are getting in . I started a thread in matching forum asking if anybody matched with attempts and there ARE people who matched with attempts!! We just need one spot to match. Just one....our own special unique spot. And it is there. Remember, if you choose to walk away now you won't definitely match!! So, the only way to match is to keep going and try YOUR chance. So, no matter how many times you fail , finish the exams and get ecfmg certified. Whatever happens in the match will happen. At least at that time you will feel that you gave it all you could. That will be the time to accept the defeat (I think)....Not Now! You can work on improving the rest of your application by doing all kinds of things later.  
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