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* Tutoring
  fnwoke - 06/20/15 03:12
  Hey all,
im an experienced spammer looking to take on some students. If you have been studying for a while and your score has plateaued, then you would benefit from my program. Give me 6 days of intensive prep and I can raise your NBME score by 5 points. I dont charge unless you improve. If you are interested reply with your email or skype name. I only work with 2 students at a time and I have references from my past victims.
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* Re:Tutoring
  usmleasap - 07/01/15 00:25
  Skype: Amiodarone5  
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* Re:Tutoring
  pssprg - 07/10/15 23:27
  I emailed the contact below (enycity ) and the guy was begging for $20 for beer. What a failure!! .. LOL

passedusmle3 - 07/10/15 16:56

eml me at enycity at gamil "tutor query" in subject for the gteed pass course!
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* Re:Tutoring
  fnwoke - 07/11/15 05:05
  I currently have a full quota of students but if you want a free 1 hour lesson to review any topic or just want some general study advice find me on skype C a e s a r 1 1 4 2 2. Not every student needs tutoring, and most people don't struggle with the material so much as with motivation and study habits so I am always willing to provide that pro bono. I prefer to focus my attention on students who would fail without tutoring as these are the most rewarding and those students tend to appreciate my services more.

As far as pricing goes, the best tutors for the USMLE are probably full fledged doctors (like myself) not medical students so if you are expecting to hire a doctor to tutor you for $10 you should re-evaluate how important this test is to you. Your whole career will probably be judged on this score so if you need tutoring I advise you to evaluate your tutor on results not on price.

Lastly, you can spend months studying and delay your residency application because you are "not ready", purchase kaplan and uworld and all the review books in the world, you can change your study program based on the latest advice from forum gurus who sound like they know what it takes or you can admit you need some guidance. Beware of taking study advice from people who perform well because they are smart, those people would score high no matter how they studied. You don't want to take study advice from the guy with the photographic memory. I only took advice from people who improved due to their study methods (for example I went from a 228 to a 262 in 35 days) not people who were innately brilliant and would score high if they slept with FA under their pillow.
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* Re:Tutoring
  chukwu - 07/11/15 12:57
  Dr. FNwoke - Just giving shout out to all your effort and you represent your people well and give us immense pride.

Fellow doctors. I highly recommend the above physician and the tutoring services, he is brilliant!
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* Re:Tutoring
  usmlevision - 08/30/16 23:39
  I offer one-on-one tutoring to students preparing for USMLE Step 1. If you're struggling to be disciplined and organized, I can help! I offer low rates (starting at $20/hour). First 15 mins free. Please contact @ for starting ASAP!  
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* Re:Tutoring
  mee - 12/19/16 19:46
  I'm looking for a S3 tutor, email me at
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