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* Start September aiming for December
  kcbutterfly228 - 08/31/16 10:40
  Anyone wants to join??
I did Step1 in April, have three kids so couldn't do much over the school summer break. Now that school started again I am starting all over. Plan is to schedule my exam for December - of course depending on my nbmes. But I will work my ass off to follow the plan I made for myself.
I don't have time for Skype groups so pls don't ask. With kids and a working husband this is totally not working for me. Besides I like to study alone.
If you have something to throw in and can give a bit of motivation from time to time then you're more than welcome.
Happy studying guys! After step 1 this is going to be a nice change, well it is for me!!! 😃😃😃
Doing mtb2+3, Kaplan videos and uworld.
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* Re:Start September aiming for December
  step2ckstudent - 09/01/16 11:25
  Hi I'm also planning in same schedule.i did my step1 in May ,have a kid ,planning exam in december.if interested reply me.i stay in Atlanta..  
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* Re:Start September aiming for December
  kcbutterfly228 - 09/01/16 13:18
  Hi step2ckstudent,
Hope that we can stick to our plans. Step 1 was horrible for me bc I'm an old grad so I really enjoy reading mtb and watching Conrad 🙂. I plan to do cs in Atlanta in February - I live in Miami, so it's the nearest testing center for me. And than step 3 in June. I Would also like to work a bit before the application next year, so I have a tight schedule. My kids are 12, 10 and 7 - they are in school form 9 to 3, and this is the time where I can do the most after 4pm, well it depends on my kids moods - some days are better, some days are not that good and I can't study in the afternoon but I try to use every minute I have.
Doing now mtb2, plan to finish first read in 3 weeks.
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* Re:Start September aiming for December
  senorita18 - 09/01/16 13:33
  hi r udoing?
i remember you from step 1 forum and remember how you remineni and many others used to motivate each other to study, and im thinkng you created this post for the same reason?. i would like to join u guys too....i started studying in late july and did a few planning to give the exam in november as i have my cs in dec....hopefully i can do them on time :)
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* Re:Start September aiming for December
  kcbutterfly228 - 09/01/16 17:48
  Hi senorita18,
Nice to see you again. Yes that was my intention. I really don't have much time with the kids to hang around on skype and waste my time, besides I am totally fine learning alone.
How are you doing, hope that this part of step 2 won't be as stressful as step 1. Omg I had a hard time. 🤕
How are your studies???
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* Re:Start September aiming for December
  rey17 - 09/02/16 10:06
  i'm in the same boat started reading MTB 2 yesterday , Inf diseases , I'll try to do internal medicine in 10 days then buy Uworld  
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* Re:Start September aiming for December
  fight4dream - 09/02/16 12:02
  Hi all here...i need ninth ed First Aid step2ck...can anybody pls send me at neverstop4life @ gmail dot com  
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* Re:Start September aiming for December
  kcbutterfly228 - 09/02/16 13:38
  Hi rey17,
Welcome on board.
Fight4dream I am not using FA so can't help.
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* Re:Start September aiming for December
  senorita18 - 09/02/16 14:22
  hey all.....rey17 welcome :)
i have done a few i am revising obg and gync....must finish reading my notes and mtb hopefully...
i didnt subscribe to uw yet

how abt u kcbutterfly?
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* Re:Start September aiming for December
  kcbutterfly228 - 09/02/16 19:14
  Senorita18 - I did not subscribe to uworld, I have the questions and answers, so I'll probably do a first read of everything and than start to do the tests. I have 52 tests (random) so I guess that's the complete qbank.
Then I'll do nbmes online. I am not doing uwsa as nbmes predicted my step 1 score perfectly so I don't think they are a must.
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* Re:Start September aiming for December
  s_s2016 - 09/02/16 20:08
  hey all..
i'm in .. doing uworld and making notes at this point! uworld %is bad :(
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