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* holiday time off I can help u
  babyface09 - 12/21/16 20:21
  I passed the cs this week and have time off cause eras is closed and Im done with usmle's so if you have some concerns post them here and we will discuss no charge just friendly help
good luck
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* Re:holiday time off I can help u
  guti5502 - 12/21/16 22:30
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* Re:holiday time off I can help u
  movingtaughtme - 12/22/16 01:30
  Hey Babyface! Congrats on passing cs!...
how focused were your physical exams? eg..if you get a patient with ankle you go ahead to listen to chest and heart and also do abdomen?
can one write them as normal in the pn even if he didnt actually do it? whats your opinion on that?
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* Re:holiday time off I can help u
  babyface09 - 12/22/16 09:42
  hey moving
what I did was the very first thing was recap the cc then say "I would like to check your heart and lungs is that ok" then with speed but without rushing I did a quick heart and lung I observed then heart and lungs sounds put in my pn rrr s1s2 ctabl
if I didn't check I did not put it in my note. some people say do just general but I was able to time it right to do h/l in each case it only takes a minute or two if you practice it enough. an ankle case the pe is not that long the challenges are neuro dm or one you cant figure out right away I did not do abd in every case only in belly pain cases. hope that helps oh don't ever put something in your note you did not actually do.
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* Re:holiday time off I can help u
  usmle830 - 12/22/16 13:16
  Hey babyface
Thanks for helping everyone!
I had couple of questions are all cases in exam from FA ? Are all 12 cases considered as long cases or do we get mini cases also in exam? I am doing FA and csevideos is that enough to do well?i plan to take the exam in1st week of feb.
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* Re:holiday time off I can help u
  usmle830 - 12/22/16 13:23
  And were they any ecgs ct scans x rays given by sp in the exam?  
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* Re:holiday time off I can help u
  babyface09 - 12/23/16 08:22
  to usmele830
my cases were straight fa csevideo cases it was uncanning how similar it was, that was my experience. here is link to my cs experience. I did not get any image to use in dd. the thing with the mini cases is this , its like urinary issue with old guy or gi issue with female if you know your urinary ros and gi ros then mini cases are the same as long cases, just know a how to ask for those types of scenarios and you will do fine. I used mainly the long cases and the csevideo on how to do the whole case and if you focus on systems like msk, or neuro etc you will be prepared and that worked for me.
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* Re:holiday time off I can help u
  goal2pass - 12/24/16 16:36
  Is exam divided between short and long cases ?  
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* Re:holiday time off I can help u
  seemal - 12/24/16 17:56
  Hi.Can you please tell about what materials and videos you used for cs preparation and how long it took you??
Also how long it took you to write notes while taking exam, i am not fast when it come to typing, so should i practise ??
Also, how important it is to pick findings like murmurs or all that matters is communication skills and patient notes ??
I will be grateful if you could guide me.
Thankyou and happy holidays :)
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* Re:holiday time off I can help u
  aapulu - 12/24/16 19:39
  hi, my exam is on jan 13 @ Chicago. i got your email id from forums. i just wanted your suggestion abt preparation. i am just practicing with a online partner, not a live partner. will this hamper in real exam? if so how can i improve? and how much of anixiety, stress could be expected? thank you in advance.  
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* Re:holiday time off I can help u
  babyface09 - 12/26/16 12:13
  @goal 2 pass
no the exam are all full cases there are not short cases

@seemal I used csevideos and fa that is the bulk of the exam you will find how to do pe and interview sp like you need in the exam, my pn I practiced it everyday on the real pn outline the cse website, I used the fa and cse for 90 days this was my best effort and I passed with a higher performance
it is not likely you find a real murmur so in all my cases I put rrr s1 s2

@aapulu study hard do as many cases a day with sp and view something to see how the real case is done, I suggest fa and csevideo but dont know how much experience you already have do your pn over and over, dont be anxious it is not impossible exam you need to be confident as well as concerned but prepare well and you will do well
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