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* Help, Step1 215......
  morechance - 01/20/16 11:13
  I got my step 1 score this morning, 215. Much lower than I was expecting. Anyway, step 1 is over. Need serious advice from here.

YOG 2009 IMG
US PHD, with four first author publications.
Now preparing step 2 CK. I will start clinical observership with medical student in our hospital when I finish CK.
Step 1: 215

Do I have a chance to match internal medicine? I know my YOG is more than 5 years and a low step 1 score. Any advice would be appreciated!!
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* Re:Help, Step1 215......
  jaideva - 01/20/16 11:40
  Yes, focus on step 2 and CS. Keep an eye out for USCE while you are working on your steps. I had scores much lower than yours and matched at my preferred spot for internal medicine. I am writing my experience here : Good luck  
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* Re:Help, Step1 215......
  u250 - 01/20/16 13:40
  what werer your nbme scores?  
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* Re:Help, Step1 215......
  berylliosis - 01/20/16 16:47
  Focus on your step 2 CK, and get good LOR, apply wide! You will be just fine.  
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* Re:Help, Step1 215......
  desirable - 01/20/16 18:15
  I don't know right answer. I am applying last 2 years. I am not getting enough interview.

my credentials are

YOG; 2011
Step1: 214
step2: 237
CS; passed
Step3: passed
USCE: more than one year.
All LOR from University Hospitals
require visa

@jaideva please tell what you did different? its seems very difficult to get Residency. thanks in advance for your advice.
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* Re:Help, Step1 215......
  ravikumar001 - 01/20/16 18:37
  @morechance: My sincere advice would be to not confine yourself just to IM. Gone are the days when IMGs used to be matched in IM easily. Before next match season, here is what I would do if I were you:

1) Try to score above 240 in step 2.
2) Make strong contacts in residency programs to get interviews.
3) Clear step 3, score doesn't matter that much but still its nice to have score at least above 210.
4) I am not sure if your PhD is going to help you that much unless you have a very high step 2 score.
5) Do observerships/externships in other fields as well such as Peds, FM, EM etc.

Keep in mind that you are up against an uphill battle so mentally be prepared for struggle. You didn't mention if you need visa or not which will either make things a little bit easier or more difficult depending on your situation.
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* Re:Help, Step1 215......
  jjrodz - 01/20/16 21:00
  I think you don't have a chance not only for internal medicine but for any residency at all. Unless you kill the rest of your steps and do a lot of observership and even then anything is a long long shot. Your YOG is terrible.  
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* Re:Help, Step1 215......
  jaideva - 01/21/16 16:41
  Take one step at a time. Don't get distracted by negative thoughts. Your only goal is step 2 now. After that CS. I would also recommend step 3 as well. after step 2 ck, start looking into getting USCE. Agree with applying to FM, peds and psych.
If someone is not getting interviews after all of the above, I have seen some faults or red flags on personal statements, LOR or ERAS application. If you are getting interview but not matching, then you need interview practice.
I have seen candidates with much worse application than you matching in decent programs. You should be fine.
One more thing, with your PhD and 4 papers, you could look into eb1 green card if you don't have it already.
Good luck
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* Re:Help, Step1 215......
  krosfingaz - 01/21/16 21:18
  I know exactly what you feel. I took my step 1 and scored a 216 on my exam. I was devastated, nonetheless, life continued. Like one of the comments above, I took it one step at a time (lol) and worked hard for my 241 CK score, passed my CS as well, both on first attempt. I knew it was going to be a challenge trying to overcome my meager scores. I had to find other ways to improve my CV- USCE, personal statement and LORS., All of which a part of a complete application. (Didnt get an opportunity to work on research)

Surprisingly, I received plenty of interviews ,mostly from community programs and a couple of university ones. A lot of the PDs during my interviews commended my PS and my LORs. I had to address the disparty on my step scores a couple of times but I was well-prepared to answer it. Hopefully, things work out come march.

What I am trying to say is that scores are important, but it is not everything. Work with what you got and always maintain a positive vibe. You're an attractive applicant with PhD and publications on hand. Think of every doctors you'll meet as future allies and a way to connect you to programs. Network. Start with your PS as soon as you can. Do well in step 2. Don't be discouraged- there will be people who will tell you it cant be done. Always be humble. Aways be humble.

True story. I was inspired by my senior. A non- US IMG with below average step 1&2 , and passed step 3 with a Very mediocre score. No publications but a little above average GPA during med school. She did one month of internship in a well-known university where she got a very impressive LOR from one of her attendings. Long story short, she applied to 76 programs. Got 14 interviews-8 from university programs and matched in Cleveland

It can be done. Will what you want :)
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* Re:Help, Step1 215......
  drkrishnamurthy - 01/27/20 00:31
  Hi, my usmle step1 score 216, can I get a internal medicine residency or family medicine residency or should I change my plans. My year of graduation MBBS 2004, and DNB medicine completed in 2011.
Please guide me, should I start step2 prep or leave it. Thank you.
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* Re:Help, Step1 215......
  kavya@4a1 - 01/28/20 14:29
  You will be having chances for matching in IM speciatly, but as you are an old graduate.
You need to have high scores in all the steps, along with Step 3 exam.
Also, should gain multiple hands-on rotations for making the application strong and to get strong LORs for the application. Try to have connections it can help in gaining IVs for the application.
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