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* Don't ever give up
  boricuamoreno - 01/22/16 08:33
  Hola friends. I just wanted to give a little inspiration to those who are struggling to match. I am a very old FMG. I have failed the USMLE multiple times. I embarrassed to say how many times. I've been trying to match for a few years now. During that time, Ive been getting USCE at hospitals. I was fortunate to make good contacts. I am Latino. Through some connections with some Latino doctors, I was able to get an IV and a pre-match offer at an IM community hospital. Its not the best hospital and it is malignant, but I am grateful to get this opportunity.

I just have average intelligence, but I never gave up and I worked hard. Once you have multiple failures and are an old FMG, the only thing that will help you is USCE and good connections. so work hard on those. I honestly feel, that my connection just felt sorry for me and gave me a chance. I don't feel that Ive earned it or that I am an ideal candidate. But beggars cannot be choosers. But now I have the chance to be a resident, so I will make the most of it. It only takes one connection to believe in you and give you a chance. Your job is to find your connection and do your best. Un fuerte abrazo,
Jose Rodriguez
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* Re:Don't ever give up
  krosfingaz - 01/22/16 09:06
  Congratulations! Love hearing stories like this. Connections or not, you worked hard and kept at it. happy for you! Keep it up.  
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* Re:Don't ever give up
  boricuamoreno - 01/22/16 09:29
  Thank you krosfingaz. I actually remember reading 1 of your old posts that you had over a dozen IVs, if i remember correctly. Great job brother. You will match for sure. No need to cross your fingaz anymore. You got this.  
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* Re:Don't ever give up
  xavierb - 01/22/16 10:06
  wow! congratulations and all the best. You are proof that our failures cannot determine our future. Congratulations again doctor, and all the best in residency. :) Good luck!  
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* Re:Don't ever give up
  ravikumar001 - 01/22/16 10:16
  boricuamoreno: I am so glad for you. You must have a family member or someone who must have fought for your interview and residency because with so many red flags getting, a pre-match offer in IM is a miracle.
My sincere advice to everyone else, this type of situation is extremely rare and if you have average scores, old year of grad etc and dont have strong contacts, please dont waste your time in finding residency. Try to find alternate careers.
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* Re:Don't ever give up
  drcee - 01/22/16 10:26
  Wow! Thanks so much for the inspiration. You are a a jewel  
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* Re:Don't ever give up
  boricuamoreno - 01/22/16 10:36
  Si, xavierb. Mi hermano, Contacts and connections are key. And you will only get these through doing USCE at hospitals. And this IS one of the few times in life, that it is ok to play the Race card. I may sound politically incorrect. I am Latino. So i figured my best chance was to go to a major urban hospital that had lots of Latino Drs. there, for my USCE. They gave me a chance because they could relate to me, my struggles, hardships, determination and we shared a similar culture. I was THEM-20 or 30 years ago.

Dont get me wrong, I still had to bust my ass and prove myself at the hospital. But I honestly feel, being the same race or culture will give you a slight edge at times. Yes, it may sound wrong in this day and age. This applies to any race- Jews, Africans, Indians, Asians, etc. Use it to your advantage. And try to network with attendings who were previous graduates of your school. Any shared experience or connection helps.

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* Re:Don't ever give up
  boricuamoreno - 01/22/16 11:04
  Thank you drcee- best wishes for your match

ravikumar001- You are right it was indeed a miracle. I am not trying to give anyone false hope. I am merely just telling my own experience. Yes , the odds are heavily against us. No, I do not have any family member in medicine. I am the first doctor in my family. All i did was get USCE at a major urban hospital with lots of Latinos. I would join some of the residents and attendings to play futbol at a park 2-3 times a month and have BBQs. Despite my numerous red flags, 2 of the attendings vouched for me and recommended me to the APD. This did not happen overnight. I was there for over a year, busting my ass. And it is still not over. In residency I start from 0 again. I am the nobody, the lowest ranking person in the hierarchy. I have to prove myself all over again.

So you are right, most FMGs may not get a Pre-match or match. But just like in life, you have two choices- do you want to be another statistic of the vast majority who gave up and did not match or do you want to be one of the few who gave it everything they got and made it. And i will be honest with you, if I didnt match or pre-match this year- I had serious thoughts about giving up and cutting my losses. However, my stubborn side of me said NO- dont give up, not yet. I guess this comes from my prior life to medical school. I served as a Marine for a few years. There, you learn the drive not to surrender and to push yourself beyond your limits. It made me a man. Its ok if I fail, as long as I can tell myself,my family, my brothers, that I gave it 100%, but it just was not good enough. Each of us has our own mountain to climb, only you will decide how far up you go.
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* Re:Don't ever give up
  boricuamoreno - 01/22/16 11:45
  And for those who are wondering, these are my creds. IMG/ 2009 grad/ US Citizen/I failed Step 1 with 184 on 1st attempt. I did not make excuses to PD. I just told him I did not prepare well and I owned up to my failure. I only used FA, Kaplan and Kaplan Q-bank and only took 1 NBME ( which i passed). For my 2nd attempt I reread FA and Kaplan, but added UW (twice) and Pathoma. Took 3 NBMEs and got 228 on the real thing/ Then I got 239 on CK/ I then failed CS (ICE) portion. Then passed on 2nd attempt./Lastly, I barely passed Step 3 with 193.

So to sum it up, i had 2 failures. I cant change YOG and scores. So i just wrote a good PS (believe me, do NOT underestimate the importance of this-paint a picture for the PD, tell YOUR story, make it interesting). And of course USCE and contacts are of utmost importance. Believe in yourself and make contacts.
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* Re:Don't ever give up
  ryanhope - 01/22/16 11:50
  I know where you prematched. I know a few people that prematched there that took people fluent in spanish only.  
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* Re:Don't ever give up
  boricuamoreno - 01/22/16 12:03
  ryanhope: Maybe you do know where I pre-matched. Its not a secret that there are not many IM programs that pre-match. For obvious reasons, I do not want to say where I pre-matched yet. But after Match season is over, it will not be hard to find me. As you see, my real name is posted in my OP. I'm not saying its fair that a program takes Spanish speakers only. Thats just the way it is. Some programs take only Carib grads or Indian grads and I had no chance there. You just have to get in where you fit in.  
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