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* DID NOT MATCH.. any feedback?
  icedocta7 - 03/17/16 15:17
  this is my first time applying this year.
US citizen/FMG from Caribbean, Graduating this year.
Step 1/Step 2CK/CS 211/224/PASS on first attempt.
applied to pediatrics and got 6 interviews, but did not match.
No SOAP offers.

can anyone help with any advice?
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* Re:DID NOT MATCH.. any feedback?
  sholmes75 - 03/17/16 15:25
  Hi icedocta7

Im sorry to hear that you didnt match. To be honest, the scores are not stellar and are below average, but the residency application process considers the whole package and you might increase your chances by strengthening your CV with USCE and strong LORs, plus research and if possible being the author of at least one article.

Your citizen status and YOG will play in your favor, so I think you have a shot at this. You might also consider taking Step 3 and acing it.

And when you apply again , make sure you apply broadly and check which programs have requirements that match your credentials. Check them through FREIDA, their website or you might use a third party service (I used match a resident, btw I am not affiliated in any way with them). You might also want to consider IM and FM to have more options. Try to make contacts with physicians, because you never know if they might help you with an interview or something like that.

Good luck next match and I hope that you achieve your goal.
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* Re:DID NOT MATCH.. any feedback?
  nedi292 - 03/17/16 17:39  
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* Re:DID NOT MATCH.. any feedback?
  dreamboffin - 03/17/16 18:19
  Agree with sholmes75. But also I would recommend to work on your interview skills. Obviously, your credentials were good enough to get 6 IVs, but then something went wrong. Find partner (or even several partners) to practice IV Q&A. Try to be confident and active during IV (but not annoying).
Good luck next year.
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* Re:DID NOT MATCH.. any feedback?
  kash_md - 03/17/16 18:31
  Did you graduate from a big 4? or from a shoddy Carib School that schedules shadowing experiences and calls them inpatient experiences ala Windsor?

Take Step 3
Improve your PS
Hedge your bets get FM LORs and FM extern/observership experiences (lean on your medical school and contacts for that) and build contacts
Improve your Interview Skills
with your profile DO NOT WASTE time on research

Apply to every single FM and Peds program you can afford to

good luck
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* Re:DID NOT MATCH.. any feedback?
  drbacchi - 03/18/16 06:14
  6 ivs should give you a match

1) apply to lower tier programs (if you didnt already)
2) improve your interview skills
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* Re:DID NOT MATCH.. any feedback?
  simplicity - 03/18/16 07:24
My step scores are infact worse than urs (20x, 22x, CS pass 1st time) and I matched. I had 6 ivs as well. Honestly speaking I think u have to work on ur interview skills, may be that's wat was ur weak point. But don't worry or lose hope, u will match next yr just apply broadly and make sure to take step3. All the best!
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* Re:DID NOT MATCH.. any feedback?
  iluvmedicine - 03/20/16 08:38
  you are a fresh graduate, at least you will not be hitting the YOG filter for some years. Please work on your interview skills, you can pay consultants like BEMO consulting whom I used. They are expensive but worth it. During this year you need to increase either your clinical skills experience, or even more favorably do RESEARCH and then apply again next year. Also improve your personal statements.  
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* Re:DID NOT MATCH.. any feedback?
  nedi292 - 05/03/16 17:30  
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* Re:DID NOT MATCH.. any feedback?
  workhard11 - 01/09/18 23:51
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* Re:DID NOT MATCH.. any feedback?
  workhard11 - 01/10/18 09:37
  Icedocta how was this year for you  
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