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* California observership/externship
  kohli27 - 05/31/16 14:52
  Is it possible to get observerships/externships in california for US IMG?  
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* Re:California observership/externship
  willnevergiveup - 06/01/16 00:41
  Hands-on is not allowed in Cali... Research or Observership okay as far as you do not touch your patients!  
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* Re:California observership/externship
  kohli27 - 06/01/16 13:23
  do u have any idea where we can apply for observerships in califronia?  
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* Re:California observership/externship
  preeti21 - 06/02/16 14:05
  m also looking for an observership in california.somebody plz help.  
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* Re:California observership/externship
  anaret - 06/08/16 15:35
  California is not good for IMGs you cannot touch the patient, which makes it extremely difficult to gain USCE. It also does not look good on your CV. However, seniors have answered my prayers and I have been given a extensive list of externships My senior classmates personally know doctors who have been of great assistance. My email is  
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* Re:California observership/externship
  smallserenity - 02/13/17 00:27
  Hi all, I just finished a 4 week paid externship at Dr. Roger Washington's Clinic in Santa Clara. I have found it very useful. He's a Stanford graduate and has lots of experience in teaching. If anyone is interested I happy to share my experience.

There seems to be a misunderstand with 'externs are illegal in CA' but in fact it's not illegal to do externships in California. It is illegal to hire externs to 'practice medicine', which means no examining patients and managing patients without direct instructions from licensed doctor. However, It is completely legal to have externs assist in a doctor's clinic. This means that you can exam patient and more if the doctor has asked the patient and gave you permission.
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* Re:California observership/externship
  ukimg88 - 09/30/19 23:51
  Hi guys,

Thought I'd let you know about an externship that I did at San Ramon Urgent Care and Clinic (California). As you know, finding externships in California is very tricky but I came across Dr Raj's clinic and have done 4 weeks with him so far. I've been in practice in the UK for about 5 years so really wanted to find a placement that would clinically meaningful and this has been a huge help and I've learnt a lot. He wrote me a letter of recommendation and I've already had an interview request from a program. If you want further details then feel free to contact me otherwise you can check out his website.

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* Re:California observership/externship
  alisson - 01/07/20 09:33
  I would like to know more about the extership you did in California. Thank in advance.  
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