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* Bronx Lebanon IM
  keepswimming - 12/19/16 12:59
  Can anyone share Bronx-Lebanon IM interview experience?
Much appreciated!

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* Re:Bronx Lebanon IM
  heartlocker - 12/23/16 10:46
  An interview with 2 people (Either Asst PD+ Faculty or Faculty+Chief Res).
Questions to describe you, your experience, cases.

Not so good hospitality by the staff, though.
You will be kept in a room with no one coming in to talk(Pre-match attitude)
If you have done other IVs, you will see the contrast.
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* Re:Bronx Lebanon IM
  keepswimming - 12/23/16 11:02
  Thanks heartlocker :)
One question tho, would you take this prematch if offered a spot?
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* Re:Bronx Lebanon IM
  crusher07 - 01/07/17 12:37
  Have they offered the prematch yet?  
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* Re:Bronx Lebanon IM
  strength444 - 01/07/17 14:06
  i dont think so. but soon.  
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* Re:Bronx Lebanon IM
  heartlocker - 01/07/17 18:45
  They offered one round of pre-match in the last week of December. It was sent out to mostly the candidate/s with scores above 250s.
The trend of BLHC is that they send in waves of pre-match offer till the spots are taken. So most likely we are to see more round of offers.

Stay hopeful.
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* Re:Bronx Lebanon IM
  moesaad - 01/11/17 23:51

How bad is this program? I heard only few residents do fellowships after finishing.
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* Re:Bronx Lebanon IM
  heartlocker - 01/12/17 10:34
  It does come under Low-tier community program. It depends on how many interviews one has and how much likely that one will match in them. If one has less options and average to below average scores, it is better to go for it. Regarding fellowship, they have in-house fellowship but outside of BLHC(for fellowship), it depends on how a resident works, impress by their work, does some publications(provided time-permitted). A lot of factors to be considered.

A lot of New York programs are similar to Bronx-Lebanon. Heavy work load, difficult to manage time for academics but every year those programs are improving and apparently same is with BLHC.

So I can't specifically say, how bad it is. It all depends on how many interview one has and their prospect on matching because in the end IMGs don't get to choose much.

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* Re:Bronx Lebanon IM
  moesaad - 01/12/17 14:23

Thank you for taking the time to answer.
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* Re:Bronx Lebanon IM
  keepswimming - 01/14/17 20:24
  Has anyone gotten an offer/ accepted it yet?

So far I have heard offers given out mid Dec/ late Dec, but yet to hear anyone accepting those offers.
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* Re:Bronx Lebanon IM
  moesaad - 01/15/17 22:31
  I didn't hear anything...  
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