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* What other careers ...
  drvikas - 12/23/16 10:57
  I am beginning to realize that I don't have the personality for this profession. I see a lot of questions that they are asking in interviews.... some questions are so inconsiderate and insulting. Are there any other professions where we do not have to be controlled and insulted by them?  
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* Re:What other careers ...
  acyclovir55 - 12/23/16 14:50
  @ Vikas

man i asked for your email you are not giving me , really need to talk to you.

hope you give me your email.
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* Re:What other careers ...
  miacarmel - 12/23/16 15:41
  @acyclovir ppl are asking ur score but you r not responding as vikas is not responding by giving mail .  
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* Re:What other careers ...
  amiqt.students - 12/23/16 17:21
  @acyclovir55 : Have you considered providing your email to @drvikas? In that way @drvikas can reach you.  
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* Re:What other careers ...
  acyclovir55 - 12/24/16 11:12
  @ miacarmel

My score is very low , 210, nothing great to write, when i came home i saw i did lots of mistake and all answers
were in UW . i think exam anxiety killed me , very very easy q i did wrong.
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* Re:What other careers ...
  acyclovir55 - 12/24/16 11:34
  @ dr vikas.

brother here is some advise for you . first of all never put your self down in your own eyes , and no one can disrespect you and no one has right to do that. , start loving your self bro and don't give shit to other people's comment because no one has done anything for you except your parents and your hard work .... so don't think that people are not giving you respect. world is like this bro , stop thinking of others except your well wisher.

You are earning good money in your UBER job , and i thought you were pretty happy.

If you want to be doctor you can give PLAB exams , which are much easier and easy to get in and you will be doctor at least , and can bring back your pride and respect .my friends who could not match here in usa went back to india and gave plab and they are very very very happy now . one of them is in emergency and the other one is in Medicine. One of them even went to surgery in SydneyAustralia.

And one of my friend was not happy working as registrar -Anesthesia in Sydney , he quit his 8000$ per month job and came back to india and now working in india in Anesthesia .

so there are ways to be happy so if you think because of not being a doctor ,people don't give you respect , so there are other country where you can be a doctor.


be in touch

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* Re:What other careers ...
  drvikas - 12/24/16 14:09
  Acyclovir...I totally agree with you about respect...They cannot lower my respect by insulting me. I am walking out of medicine because I have respect for myself. I respect myself enough to walk away from anyone who doesn't treat me properly with respect.

And yes I am very happy with my UBER job . It is paying me well but as you know it lacks the prestige of a doctor. So, now I will use the money that I am earning to build a better more respectable venture. There are plenty of things to do to be happy. I don't have to do medicine and take daily insults from the medicine any more.
And lastly I am not interested in going back to my home country or to any other country other than America. I love America only and this is where I want to stay.
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* Re:What other careers ...
  acyclovir55 - 12/24/16 18:27
  @ drvikas

I love your attitude bro.

what other options do u have in mind bro please share , as i am also looking something other than medicine
but don't want to go to school for any course.

if you want i can provide my email to you.

thanks and hope you help me.
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* Re:What other careers ...
  drvikas - 12/24/16 22:24
  why am i not able to post my full post?? Everytime i click submit it disappears?!!  
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* Re:What other careers ...
  drvikas - 12/24/16 22:26
  There are lots of things. It all depends what you like to do. All you have to do is figure out your talents and grow them big into a multimillion dollar business. I am not going to study any more because I have seen it got me nowhere! You have to step and take a look at the multibillionaires in this country : They are all college DROP OUTS!! USA actually rewards those talents of ours for which our home country school teachers used to throw us out of the class for! ...and they make those of us who study miserable like the residents who literally live in pain!!  
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* Re:What other careers ...
  drvikas - 12/24/16 22:26
  You got to prioritize...What do you want in life? Is it money? Is it misery and pain? Is it a comfortable life? Be very clear on what you want in this life. You don't have to drive yourself into depression in usmle just because everyone is going in that direction!!... You have got to choose what kind of misery you are willing to put yourself into. Don't just go blindly.  
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