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* Have to wait another year!
  willnevergiveup - 12/25/16 20:53
  Hi Guys... I believe this season is done and I have to wait another year to reapply again. No IVs this year again... 215/228/CS/Fail step3 + YOG +10

I know my chances are very low and almost impossible but i have to keep trying as I cannot do anything else.. I am planning to retake step 3 again and do some clinical volunteering or anything that can help...

Please let me know if you have
1- any opinion or idea of what else I can do to improve my application next year.
2- which company do you recommend so I can contact for more clinical experience.
3- I have to work to make my living, what do you think someone like me can do so I can get some money and use this job for my application too..

Appreciate your reply and will never give up..
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* Re:Have to wait another year!
  moneygram - 01/10/17 18:08
  Volunteer or work as medical assistant. Apply at all the hospitals and doctor offices near your place.  
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* Re:Have to wait another year!
  silvertruck - 01/10/17 18:38
  Based on your scores and YOG. What you really need to do is to get in a hospital that has a residency training program and work your a** off there. Either through research, observership or externship. You will have a better chance in that one hospital where you would invest your full year than any place else. That is the best advice that I can give you.  
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* Re:Have to wait another year!
  medfq - 01/10/17 21:24
  @moneygram.... for medical assistant in hospitals, dont you need to know billing/ medical assistant certification.

@ silvertruck. I heard the same like you said that experience in ACGME accredited hospitals is really useful. what if in such hospitals, you can only get a chance of clinical experince in surgical speciality......but for residency, you want to apply in FM/IM. Will that work too. ?? thanks a lot
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* Re:Have to wait another year!
  geniculate - 01/10/17 21:28

@willnevergiveup Have considered working as an EMT. The program is usually 10-12 weeks and the starting salary is about 30k. It is not a whole lot, but its the fastest and economic way to get real experience and build connections.

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* Re:Have to wait another year!
  moneygram - 01/10/17 21:33
  medfq, to work as medical assistant, you don't need certification.  
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* Re:Have to wait another year!
  medfq - 01/10/17 21:59
  moneygram...i have been looking and applying for jobs like medical assistant in nearby hospitals. their ADS say certification as medical assistant/ billing capability is required. Also my application as medical assistant is quickly refused. where as for other jobs like telemetry, operation theater assistant remain for review at least. But i am not sure, just sharing my experience with you .  
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