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* Alhamdulluah I passed.
  aqua03 - 09/02/16 01:02
  If I can do it so can anyone else. Be positive and be persistent in your hard work.
Study prep time 2 months
UWSA 5 days before the exam 222
Real exam 214.

Good luck!
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* Re:Alhamdulluah I passed.
  aqua03 - 09/03/16 23:58
  @poals i did uworld for biostat and step one first aid
@lynam, no problem
@nachurm, thank you and good luck to you too
@demetr3, thank you. I took 4 days. i didn't wanted to take too long break in between the exams.... In those 4 days i only practiced ccs cases because i thought there will be no use of studying mcq in rt before the exam.
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* Re:Alhamdulluah I passed.
  morly - 09/04/16 16:47
  well done. congrats  
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* Re:Alhamdulluah I passed.
  safirh - 09/05/16 00:00
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* Re:Alhamdulluah I passed.
  venapal - 09/05/16 11:47
  congratulations. which one do you find more helpful Kaplan or UW?  
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* Re:Alhamdulluah I passed.
  besme - 09/05/16 21:11
  thank you for sharing and good luck in the match  
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* Re:Alhamdulluah I passed.
  pkoom - 09/06/16 01:47
  congratulations. did the result trick work for you?  
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* Re:Alhamdulluah I passed.
  aqua03 - 09/06/16 22:07
  @morly, safirh, & besme thanks

@venapal, I read MTB and then i would solve the kaplan questions from that particular subject. after finishing kaplan qbank (only 900 questions) i went into uwrold qbank which is did mixed tuto 1/2 and mixed timed 1/2
i think because kaplan qbank tests your recall knowledge more than the conceptual like, UWorld, i thought it helped me to recall what i studied from MTB better. So, I think both of the qbanks in sequence helped me prepare for the exam. I hope that answers your question.

@pkoom, thanks. I didnt try the trick. In fact, after the marathon exam i didnt even wanted to think abt that exam. so i actually waited for the e-mail notification :)

GOOD luck guys. study well.

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* Re:Alhamdulluah I passed.
  pkoom - 09/07/16 15:07
  thank you. good luck in the match  
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* Re:Alhamdulluah I passed.
  rubyred - 09/07/16 16:48
  Congratulations. Can I have your skype I'd ?  
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* Re:Alhamdulluah I passed.
  rubyred - 09/08/16 15:01
  Anyone who has Uw offline ck / step 3 pl share.. Email  
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