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* I need your advice.....
  mdsuccess_30 - 07/16/17 09:26

I was a silent USMLE forum user, but today is exceptional because right now I am a little depressed and I need anyone's emotional supportive advice. I started medical school in fall of 2008 and finished my basic science in the spring 2011 and up till now I am not yet done with school because of personal reasons that is so painful to discuss at the moment. I admit that it has been a struggle focusing and studying for the USMLE. I am married and I work a full-time job too. I haven't yet retaking Step 1 for the 2nd time because of fear and distractions from personal stuff that I am dealing with at the moment. God has been sustaining me, and I have always had dreams and signs that I am on the right path, but it seems like whenever I try to study and reach for my dreams there is always distractions and discouragement coming from different angles. I believe that everyone has their own pathway in life, but it has been hard dealing with my personal issues and studying for step 1. Also I keep getting compared to other people who are finished with school and are Dr's etc by my immediate family. I can't stand the comparison because I am a unique individual. Then I was told by my loved ones that my husband only married me because he thought I was a Medical Doctor and for green card purposes because of his off and on odd behavior (insults) towards me (he can be really nice and takes care of most of the bills and buys me gifts whenever he can, but I think its to make up for the insults or misunderstanding), and they feel that if he gets his green card that he may end up leaving me because no man wants a liability. These words hurt so much and I am not an ugly person, but I am pretty according to the people that know me and don't know me. Plus I am multi-gifted, and am a great cook according to the people that tasted my food and I like to keep the house clean etc,not to brag. In addition, I have had several other men come to me for marriage before my current husband and after. I chose my current husband because of love that I believed he had for me, the way he treated me that was good,and good faith that God constituted our marriage because of the confirmation I got from signs and pastors telling me that I married the right husband. Also, I was once engaged before marrying my current husband, but my previous fiance died in an accident in Fall of 2010 (it was devastating, but I am consoled by God's grace, and powerful words)!!!!!! I do agree with Roman's 8:28 " And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose".I refuse to give up until I attain success in achieving my dreams as a Doctor!

What do you all think?

Thanks a lot y'all!!!

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* Re:I need your advice.....
  r0ja - 07/16/17 21:55
  you talk about not giving up but you're here wasting your time when you could be studying.. theres no time for doubting yourself when you are studying for steps. you need to change your life instead of hopping on this forum and asking for advice. god, people on here, family and friends wont ever be useful to you because you arent even useful to yourself. sorry to be honest but its the truth. im not trying to be hurtful but you need to realize you are the type of person that probably makes excuses, wants to only 5 days a week and go out saturday and go do some other crap on sunday. thats not how it works, this is a full time job 7days a week.  
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* Re:I need your advice.....
  mdsuccess_30 - 07/16/17 22:40
  Thanks Roja for the tough love type of advice. Although you may feel that way about God, but the almighty God is alive and exist. John 3:16 says "For God So loved the World that he gave his only begotten Son and says who so ever believeth in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life". You got a good point and I understand what you mean. God bless you for keeping it real and I will apply your helpful advice to my daily studying routine. Effective immediately! God is always useful to me because without him their is no you or me. Please accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior because there is life after death and having an MD degree after this life ends want matter, but your personal walk with the almighty God will! Your advice is wise and have a blessed week!!!!! All the best to you in your exams. Got to study now:)  
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* Re:I need your advice.....
  r0ja - 07/16/17 23:03
  im agnostic so i dont wanna get into the religion thing but yah lets put that to the side thats a convo for another day. i said it in the other msg to you on step 2 just honestly cut everything in your life out. people make excuses all the time. at the end of the day we are animals all our brain wants to do is mainly survive by just eating and reproducing. this battle isn't anything more than just you fighting yourself everyday. no one can help you, not your family, friends, or god or unicorns.  
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* Re:I need your advice.....
  corpulmonale - 07/16/17 23:46
  Hi @mdsuccess - I understand it's difficult for you. It would surely be a difficult situation for anyone out there . But everyone has their own struggle stories.Everyone who is a doctor already or who's studying medicine are having some kinda difficulties with their life‚ studies ‚ relationship and so on.. if you believe in God then you should also appreciate that God helps those who help themselves. God gives you struggle only to make you strong not to make you depressed. I'm not here to discuss religion either so changing the topic... If you think you're depressed please seek professional help. Believe in yourself and study hard :)  
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* Re:I need your advice.....
  mdsuccess_30 - 07/17/17 11:21
  Thanks Corpulmonale for your thoughtful advice and God bless you:) In advance thanks to anyone else that will possibly reply me afterwards, but now I got to get back to my studies with focus because I don't have time to chit chat anymore until I am able to reach my targeted score. Bye y'all:):)  
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