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*  Anything missing w Agglutination test?
  goodman - 08/11/17 17:12
  W/ Animal Red Blood Cell is another name for heterophil antibody test = Use in the Dx of Infectious Mononucleosis (E.B.V. Infection)
Agglutination of Swarming Organisms Test will be use in the Dx of Rocky Mountain Spotter Fever (Rickettsia rickettsii).
Agglutination of autologous eryhtrocytes at 4 C describes the nonspecific test employed in the Dx Mycoplasma pneumoniae infections.

** Enlarged Testicule with the following microscopical changes :
** Diffuse interstitial inflammation w/ edema + prominent plasma cell inflitrate and obliterative endarteritis w/ perivascular cuffing of lymphocytes and plasma cells
** Latent Syphilis + (+)serologic test + (-)lumbar puncture. NSTx penicillin G. alternatives include Tetracycline or Doxycycline
** TERCIARY u treated with Ceftriaxone and choloramphenicol. NSDx FTA-ABS positive
** Azithromycin is used for penicillin-allergic patients with primary syphilis.
** Syphilitic aortitis and aneurysm are rare because of advance in Tx, we can still see some cases.
** In syphilitic aortitis the VASA VASORUM of the aorta undergoes OBLITERATIVE ENDARTERITIS.
** The obliterative endarteritis leads to atrophy of the muscularis and elastic tissues of the aorta and dilatation.
** Linear calcifications are often seen in the ascending aorta by X-ray
** The INTIMAL WRINKLING or "tree barking" is also a common feature.
** Syphilitic aneurysm can be assoc w/repiratory distress, cough, congestive heart failure, and, rarely rupture.
Syphilis Dx Test
Dark-Field Microscopy = Identifies spirochetes (only primary or secondary lesions)
VDRL/RPR = Rapid and cheap, but sensitivity is only 60-75% in primary disease. Revers to negative with successful treatment.
FTA-ABS = Sensitive, Specific. Used as a secondary diagnostic test. Positive for life.

Agglutination of mammalian cardiolipin describes the nonspecific test employed in the screening for Teponema pallidum (Syphillis)
Agglutination of sheep RBC describes the nonspecific test to screen for infectious, heterophile - + mononucleosis (E.B.V.). = Monospot Test
We have a special test call Quellung Test
Quellung test = Is the specific antibody test that can be used in Dx of infections of C.S.F.
Quellung test measures capsular swelling of organism such as Pneumococcus and Haemophilus w/ specific antibodies.
Quellung test is used to indentify the causative serotypes of organism causing meningitis
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