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* Prep in progress.....Shine n Rise
  shinenrise - 11/17/17 02:30
  Gonna start post here ...

people who find themselves in the same boat, may join me in, here.

There we go
Starting uw genetics(offline) 1st because i am just finished genetics lectures from KLV.
started UW yesterday in hope to finish 1 block of 40q but could finish only 12. with lots of distractions.
also did FA 5 pages of biochemistry.

Now continuing with q 13th on SCA

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* Re:Prep in progress.....Shine n Rise
  shinenrise - 11/17/17 11:20
  Ahhh!! managed to do 40q,Finally!!!!but need to mention here, with hell lots of distractions, as expected!

Now 5 pages from FA.

sounds just 5 pages but i know this may take a while...
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* Re:Prep in progress.....Shine n Rise
  diazo - 11/18/17 09:07
  Hey, looks like we are facing similar situation.
can you share, what are you doing to improve your performance?
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* Re:Prep in progress.....Shine n Rise
  shinenrise - 11/19/17 06:40
  hello diazo, well i am doing uw in tutor mode ,un-timed (because its offline version). So don't know yet,whether i am improving or not but yes ,did nbme 1 a week ago and now started nbme 2 block 1 20 min ago 9again untimed tutor mode)--->So i see some improvement as getting less wrong so far in nbme 2 (touchwood)but thats partly because i have done nbme 1(did write explanation for all those 50 question in notebook) and now doing uw simultaneously.

i will take online nbme a week apart then may see or gauge where i stand. Right now just cruising in the ocean of questions. But seriously i have memory problem it seems, i am forgetting everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Therefore,I have to manage so many things before i fix my memory problemas there are so many distractions around me.Have to find a perfect study cubicle where no bed, no tv and kitchen nearby :P

bUt so far, i am enjoying UW and NBME. Wish had someone to discuss with .Nevertheless I will be posting some q i find worth sharing for.

lets do it folks!!!I Can do it!
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* Re:Prep in progress.....Shine n Rise
  diazo - 11/19/17 23:24
  Hi shinenrise,
I was talking about same thing. As soon as we reach an end we realize we have forgotten the start. Only solution to it is doing things faster n revising it.
I m doing timed online uw n soon will give nbme.

Even in timed mode, review is not time bound. Hence taking longer, I guess.
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* Re:Prep in progress.....Shine n Rise
  shinenrise - 11/20/17 05:05
  Yes you are right, should do timed mode and i will try that soon! Thank you )

I did 1 block of nbme- 2(N2)(plan was to do 2 blocks /day on weekends and finish full one nbme by monday) but i was really a turtle,going through explanation took me forever this time, besides an easy block as comapred to N1 & of course started little late as well!!! But Glad,could finish uw genetics.

Now will do cns pathoma!

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* Re:Prep in progress.....Shine n Rise
  shinenrise - 11/21/17 01:58
  Finished 2 blocks of N2, still 2 more to go.(will do at weekends now)

I am really astonished,how just one topic can be asked in so many different ways. I'm learning new in every q of UW! Man!!! Hats off to UW people!!!! RESPECT!

But still time management problem with me, not able to use full day effectively.

i' going to do 1 mixed q block of uw, TIME mode ,for a change, then will do FA 5 pages then some revision of biochemistry.
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* Re:Prep in progress.....Shine n Rise
  shinenrise - 11/22/17 03:19
  Studied for 5 hrs only.

FA still looks dry to me, wonder how people finish reading it 5x- 10x !!!!!!!!!

but have to gulp ,no matter what, right? eventually will become interesting, i hope! I don't like FA mnemonics as well .

Good part : one level below to the mastery, i can say i know upper limbs nerves now ,Phew!!!! was so confusing and volatile to me!
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* Re:Prep in progress.....Shine n Rise
  diazo - 11/22/17 06:18
  when i realised every word of fa is a potential Q, i got some interest in it. till then it was dry for me too.

starting new timed block now.
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* Re:Prep in progress.....Shine n Rise
  shinenrise - 11/23/17 01:47
  hi.diazo- you are right ,though.

how did uw block go? score?


Doing random q block of 50 untimed ,learning mode!

I have done kaplan once, now only questions are left so everyday i do q either from kaplan or uw or rx, depending on my mood :/ (which is bad i know, mood thingy!) but i am just trying to keep going and finish all these q stuff by dec 30th. So much to do.

will be posting few questions,here, now n then, if in case anyone interested to discuss!!!

Oh Boy!!All i see here is people looking for study buddies etc and etc, which is good and crucial for steps study,even i asked once for it But Don't you think if we all start discussing q or topics or posting what is bothering us more in study or difficulties we come across while studying--> will be more interactive and how interesting study can be??? on the top of that,we all can be study buddies of each other. or if not at least some place is there to discuss just like with study buddy we may do?

anyway , just a thought!

Back to questions.
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* Re:Prep in progress.....Shine n Rise
  diazo - 11/23/17 04:28
  Hi SnR

about uw, I found my self wasting time on some wtf type of qs. some nucleotide sequence/biostat number game types. so ended up with 3 unsolved qs. block ended with usual 6-8 crosses.

still doing last block review.

Looks like you are being consistent. So dont worry, people will gather here for sure.
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