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* need advise
  fever101 - 01/03/17 18:32
  hello everyone
im starting my prep for step 2. i have few question if anyone can help me..

1) i heard mtb is the best book for IM but there are many topic missing or deficient in mtb. kaplan IM is better even tho it is also not enough because you have to fill in from uworld. so which book is better to use for IM, mtb or kaplan? and why? i also heard its gonna be harder to review kaplan at the end if you do it from kaplan. and its easier if you use mtb because it is shorter and "to the point". i want to stick to one source and im confused which one to use.

2) i know uworld is the best qbank for steps. but what is the second best qbank i can start off with?

3) did anyone try kaplan qbank, qmax, or usmle consult premium review?? plz comment on these qbank if you have used any of these. which one should i use as my second qbank if any?

thank you in advance. :)
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* Re:need advise
  fever101 - 01/04/17 17:07
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* Re:need advise
  abdurrehman112 - 01/04/17 19:16
  I would say my personal experience is that dont use any book for CK, start with questions and make your own notes of things that you dont know and if you really wanna use one than use MTB 2 for medicine and MTB 3 for the rest of subjects. Regarding other Qbanks, I have tried both Qmax and kaplan Qbank, Qmax is better in my opinion.  
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* Re:need advise
  fever101 - 01/04/17 20:01
  thank you abdurrehman. God bless you. Good luck. :)  
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