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* I am a resource for you.....
  helperimg2014 - 01/11/17 11:45
  I am here to give back to the IMG community as I was in your shoes not too long ago. Here is my background -
Completed my medical school outside US, did my USMLE steps including step 3 before the NRMP match, completed two different observer-ships and one year long extersnhip. I was lucky enough to get into research project with my Externship attending. I was able to secure a residency position and then went on to complete two fellowships. I have done several podium and poster presentations and kept myself intrigued to learn more and more of medicine. I am now in an academic setting - teaching and practicing medicine. This sounds like SIMPLE when I spell it out but in reality, it was sheer HARD-WORK and PERSEVERANCE. I state with confidence - no short cuts in medicine !!!

I would be happy to answer any questions you might have in the so called - "US Residency journey". However, I am doing this as a volunteering process so might not be available round the clock but I am ready to be a resource for you to help you guide and navigate through. Looking forward to working with you all.
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* Re:I am a resource for you.....
  njsl - 01/11/17 14:45
  hi nice to hear ur journey.n congrats too. me 2 m an IMG old YOG 2011. step 1 210 n giving step 2 ck at the month end, and planning to give cs in may....what wud be my cahnce to get into residency with decent ck n 1 st time pass cs .?  
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* Re:I am a resource for you.....
  helperimg2014 - 01/11/17 15:44
  Give a good shot at CK, pass CS and take step 3 before application season is on. Supplement your exams with observer-ship and research. Those are always a plus.  
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* Re:I am a resource for you.....
  helperimg2014 - 01/13/17 13:44
  skype id - helperimg  
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