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* Ck Free150 - Repro - Whats the dx?
  dream250 - 06/17/17 17:14
  A previously healthy 27-year-old man comes to the physician 4 weeks after noticing three nontender lesions on his penis. He says they have not changed in size. He is sexually active with multiple male and female partners and uses condoms inconsistently. He takes no medications. He drinks two to five beers on social occasions. He occasionally smokes marijuana. His temperature is 36.9C (98.4F). There is no lymphadenopathy. Examination shows three sessile, flesh-colored lesions on the shaft of the penis that are 10 mm in diameter. On application of a dilute solution of acetic acid, the lesions turn white. The remainder of the examination shows no abnormalities. Which of the following is the most appropriate next step in management?

(A) Topical ganciclovir therapy
(B) Oral acyclovir therapy
(C) Oral doxycycline therapy
(D) Intramuscular penicillin therapy
(E) Cryotherapy


Flesh colored = I thought of Moluscum cantagiousum by Pox virus... :(

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* Re:Ck Free150 - Repro - Whats the dx?
  danyjoe - 06/17/17 17:44
  flesh colored not painful suggestive of syphilis ist choice im pen therapy alernate doxicycline  
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* Re:Ck Free150 - Repro - Whats the dx?
  cardio69 - 06/17/17 17:57
  MC smooth/waxy papules and umbilicated ~0.5cm most common in young age. Here they apply AA solution 3 to 5 % solution and magnify glass; HPV/genital warts flat lesion you treat it with cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen or laser times can melt it away with TA.  
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