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* Ck Free150 - Ob/gyn 93
  dream250 - 06/17/17 18:58
  37-year-old woman, gravida 5, para 4, at 34 weeks' gestation comes to the emergency department because of vaginal bleeding for 2 hours. She has had no prenatal care. Her second child was delivered by lower segment transverse cesarean section because of a nonreassuring fetal heart rate; her other three children were delivered vaginally. Her pulse is 92/min, respirations are 18/min, and blood pressure is 134/76 mm Hg. The abdomen is nontender, and no contractions are felt. There is blood on the vulva, the introitus, and on the medial aspect of each thigh. The fetus is in a transverse lie presentation. The fetal heart rate is 144/min. Which of the following is the most likely diagnosis?

(A) Abruptio placentae
(B) Amniotic fluid embolism
(C) Latent phase of labor
(D) Placenta previa
(E) Ruptured uterus
(F) Ruptured vasa previa


blood on medial aspect of each thigh, I was thinking theres a rupture of uterus & that's how blood got to that area. Why am I wrong?
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* Re:Ck Free150 - Ob/gyn 93
  cardio69 - 06/17/17 19:28
  Can you name me four types of placenta previa?

I have to end party here.
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