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* Ck Free150 - Geriatircs
  dream250 - 06/17/17 19:05
  A 65-year-old man who is quadriplegic as a result of multiple sclerosis is hospitalized for treatment of left lower lobe pneumonia. His temperature is 38.1C (100.5F), pulse is 95/min, respirations are 12/min, and blood pressure is 120/80 mm Hg. He appears malnourished. Rhonchi are heard at the left lower lobe of the lung on auscultation. Examination of the heart, lymph nodes, abdomen, and extremities shows no abnormalities. There is a 1-cm area of erythema over the sacrum with intact skin and no induration. Neurologic examination shows quadriparesis. Test of the stool for occult blood is negative. Which of the following is the most effective intervention for this patient's skin lesion?

(A) Frequent turning
(B) Use of wet to dry dressings
(C) Whirlpool therapy
(D) Broad-spectrum antibiotic therapy
(E) Surgical debridement


This patient has infection cuz of temp 100.5, so we do nothing for the infection of the skin? I was thinking about giving the patient antibiotic. But to prevent it I would have them do frequent turning.
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* Re:Ck Free150 - Geriatircs
  cardio69 - 06/17/17 19:25
  Pressure ulcers aka/sores;

Pic paint for you blac blanchable/erythema/edema/ pain at least more than 2/3 cases and add to 1st year mortality within 1st yr. Depend on how "severe" it is & you prevent to not dame of skin/tissue breakdown is key to good management proper geriatric care would be pr; frequent turning nutrition's + regular linen changes.
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* Re:Ck Free150 - Geriatircs
  dream250 - 06/18/17 10:25
  Whats blac?

what's" to not dame of skin? pr?

I don't get what you are posting.
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* Re:Ck Free150 - Geriatircs
  dream250 - 06/18/17 23:05
  Thank you for helping!  
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