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* Ck Free150 -OB ...
  dream250 - 06/17/17 19:32
  A 27-year-old woman, gravida 2, para 1, at 12 weeks' gestation comes to the physician for a prenatal visit. She feels well. Pregnancy and delivery of her first child were uncomplicated. Medications include folic acid and a multivitamin. Her temperature is 37.2C (99F), and blood pressure is 108/60 mm Hg. Pelvic examination shows a uterus consistent in size with a 12-week gestation. Urine dipstick shows leukocyte esterase; urinalysis shows WBCs and rare gram-negative rods. Which of the following is the most appropriate next step in management?

(A) Recommend drinking 8 oz of cranberry juice daily
(B) Oral amoxicillin therapy
(C) Oral metronidazole therapy
(D) Intravenous cefazolin therapy
(E) Intravenous pyelography
(F) Cystoscopy

Got it right, but was just thinking, wouldn't cranberry juice be good in pregnancy?
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* Re:Ck Free150 -OB ...
  dream250 - 06/17/17 19:34
  oh, also, do we ever do IV Pyelography in pregos?  
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* Re:Ck Free150 -OB ...
  airforce - 07/04/17 09:04
always treart asymptomatic uti in pregnancy
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* Re:Ck Free150 -OB ...
  morticia - 07/07/17 11:37
  B u always need to treat uti in pregnancy  
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