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* exam in 10days
  senorita18 - 06/18/17 02:15
  Hi everyone. Those who finished their exams, i have read everyone's posts. But my exam is in 10days and I'm stressing out a little here. Any last min advices please? How did you feel the exam was like? i'm currently re-solving uw, left with 35blocks, planning to do atleast 5 blocks per day and review wrong questions. I didn't solve any cms, didn't read mtb. Just uworld. freaking out a little, any advice to calm my nerves? TIA :)  
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* Re:exam in 10days
  airforce - 07/03/17 18:20
  r u interested in skype practice?5 blocks a day  
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* Re:exam in 10days
  usmlesck - 07/04/17 15:19
  How were your assessments? Did you do UW assessment 1 & 2? You should be okay. Thats a great strategy.  
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* Re:exam in 10days
  morticia - 07/07/17 11:36
  U need to read mtb for sure uw is not all ...and also need to do the assesments of uw cause they r more predictive for ur real score.

I wish u all the best on ur test but pls try to read mtb and do uw assesment at least one if u cant do both ....

God bless and all the very best to u !
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* Re:exam in 10days
  verydedicated - 07/07/17 11:46
  this exam is not about covering as much as you can, it is about fixing your weaknesses.

If you were not able to do some quesions correctly be sure on exam same topic will have same result.

Cover as much weaknesses as you can - one by one, and you are the only one who knows what you do not know!

Good luck on exam and trust your instincts! On exam day if you think that the choice is correct but you do not know why - pick it, it is correct choice, somewhere in your brain it was imprinted.
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* Re:exam in 10days
  ziva26 - 07/08/17 15:18
  how did your ck go? any useful tips? did your strategy work?  
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* Re:exam in 10days
  miacarmel - 07/09/17 02:00
  Yes @ Senorita 18 how was the exam . only UW enough ???
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* Re:exam in 10days
  docradio - 07/11/17 13:37
  hi senorita 18

wats the point of rushing thru the blocks?? doing 5 blocks per day will leave u exhausted. did u give nbmes uwsa? sit n write a list of weak areas and jus do those systems. i did not read any mtbs or any other book for that matter. so dont worry abt that. uw is more than enuf. experimental ques are the same to everyone.
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* Re:exam in 10days
  saisri99 - 07/12/17 00:36
  Hi senorita, I suggest taking a self assessment test, see where you stand and review weak areas. But, in my opinion, doing 5 blocks/day seems stressful for the last 10 days, but it's your comfort zone and capacity. Apart from that, I would suggest to stick to your routine (healthy diet, sleep and excercise/walk if you can). This will impact the mental stamina on the day of the test. Hope this helps, take care.  
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