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* step2CK prerp
  determinedd - 07/08/17 10:54
  Hi, I work full time, 8.30 to 5, Mon to Fri. So far, Managed to do MTB and KAPLAN qbnak. want to precise everything, specially important points in one place and go over once before starting UWORD. any advice? Thanks  
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* Re:step2CK prerp
  verydedicated - 07/10/17 08:53
  Hi Determinedd,

I have the same work schedule, and it is very hard to manage full time work and study.

I found very useful to go through couple of previous blocks - only incorrect qs just prior to the beginning of the new block of qs. It is like a qs flash cards.

Good luck with your study.

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* Re:step2CK prerp
  determinedd - 07/10/17 18:15
  Hi Verydedicated,
thank you for your suggestion. This should help. I took KAPLAN diagnostic test and have decided to go over my weak subjects one as well. It is hard to study with work, but determined and dedicated, we will do it!
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* Re:step2CK prerp
  verydedicated - 07/11/17 08:44
  Yes Determinedd,, we will rock it :)  
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* Re:step2CK prerp
  determinedd - 07/11/17 17:06
  passedusmle3 - Thanks! were you working full time? Please share your experience?  
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* Re:step2CK prerp
  drerum - 07/11/17 22:32
  Passed usmle3' congrats.
What's your YOG?
How was your overall journey of us me steps?
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