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* Help, Help, Help
  cburn - 08/05/17 20:46
  Hey Guys, I need help for any pieces of advice.
. I am 50 years old
. Graduated for 20 years ago.
. Took step 1 (3 times) in the past 10 years (last took 2005), but did not pass.
. Currently, I am an RN (MSN) in the USA.
I want to come back and try my USMLE again. If I will pass all 3 steps of USMLE, how chance will I be accepted for residency?

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* Re:Help, Help, Help
  grayson - 08/07/17 00:15
  @ cburn, i may not be experienced enough to advice you but from what i have been reading online some common and yet important tips i got are:

1. the past is in the past leave it there and try to get great scores in your exams
2. try research in the field you want to be in
3. observerships
4. great personal statements
5. volunteering activities
6. connections

maybe these would raise your chances of being accepted, dont give up, keep your faith up. and thank you for keeping your dreams alive despite all.
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* Re:Help, Help, Help
  cburn - 08/07/17 11:59
  Hey Grayson, thanks for a ton. Any piece of advice I really appreciated, it didn't matter positive or negative advice.
I want to know, if they were in my shoes, what they are going to do?

Thanks bro, good luck with your journey.

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