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* step 2 ck retake
  neurogirl91 - 08/07/17 13:07
  So I failed step 2 CK despite taking extensive notes on UW and step up to CK book. Therefore, I am unable to further use UW as a learning tool because I have already added and put notes in my book from it. I bought the Kaplan Qbank. How do you guys suggest/advise I use UW and Kaplan this time around so I can do well?

Thank you!
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* Re:step 2 ck retake
  sisepuede - 08/07/17 17:09
  Sorry to hear about that.

What was your score?

Did you take UWSA 1 and UWSA 2?
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* Re:step 2 ck retake
  relative_risk - 08/07/17 18:06
  Really sorry to hear that. I hope you can come back and ace it!

How did you find your exam? Was it too way different from UW? Did you have time or concentration issues?

After the exam did you feel you had studied the wrong way?
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* Re:step 2 ck retake
  neurogirl91 - 08/08/17 10:32
  that was the worst part. I did everything right (or so i thought) but my major mistake is I studied everything the first month and slacked off ish the second month as i was doing my surgery elective. Nevertheless, i feel like if i had taken it after 1st month, my score would have been reflected as my UWSAs (252 and 249)

I did take UWSA.

What do you guys suggest I do? Continue to do UW again and Kaplan?
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* Re:step 2 ck retake
  sisepuede - 08/09/17 04:12
  Focus on UW, try to get a good night sleep before test day. That is my humble opinion.  
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* Re:step 2 ck retake
  her2neu - 08/09/17 09:01
  I agree with sisepuede focus on UW, make sure you read every single detail, also I recommend you Step Up to medicine this book help me a lot, and take NBMEs as self-assessment. Good luck!  
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* Re:step 2 ck retake
  thinkbig - 08/11/17 14:09
  sorry to hearů focus on UW  
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* Re:step 2 ck retake
  parmesh495 - 08/12/17 08:29
  sorry to hear about that... you need to more focus on UW that will help in succeeding the Exam  
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* Re:step 2 ck retake
  droneday - 08/15/17 17:49
@ neurogirl91; I am in the same shoes you are in? not sure how i will restart this journey again and what can i do different this time around?? but, i am starting off with UW again and MTB 3.
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