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* I did my test today
  rawdy - 08/10/17 22:36
  I will give you a brief description of what I faced in the test..
First of all I have read Uworld 5 times and I made it my basic knowledge and the main reference.
1. Most of the questions were very long. Longer than Uworld and nbme and Kaplan qbank.
2. Most of the questions were harder than Uworld and nbme and Kaplan.
3. 2 blocks were very hard and confusing.. Other 2 blocks were reasonable.. Other 4 bloks were in between..
Its very hard to say that you did good, or to expect and result or degree..
I got from one to 3 statistics question in each block..
.. Just the God knows how is my score will be.
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* Re:I did my test today
  relative_risk - 08/11/17 19:41
  Wishing you all the best in your result!
How long have you been preparing? Are you IMG?
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* Re:I did my test today
  rawdy - 08/12/17 02:26
  Thank you relative risk..
I'm IMG. 45 years old.. I did pass step 1 by 218.
I'm working full time and have a family.. I got just one month vacation before CK.. But it was a hard test.. Very long questions.
I got 247 in nbme 4
224 in nbme 6
244 in Uworld sim test 1
And 218 in the second..
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* Re:I did my test today
  relative_risk - 08/12/17 17:51
  I think you will be fine!
I am basically in the same situation trying to go through it during one month vacation... I need to take the test by the end of this month... I will take my first assessment today!
good to hear from you! Good luck!!
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* Re:I did my test today
  abraham16 - 08/16/17 08:44
  @rawdy, good luck Ihope you did great
how are you calculating off line nbme

im kinda nervous about everything, I failed step 1 last month but it was because for five days before the exam i did not study i was too nervous, then in the exam i finished in 5.5 hours with breaks i rushed thru the questions and got a 165. i cant retake it until jan

im on ck now, i did nbme 1 and 2 and am scoring like 30-32 correct out of 46 so I am averaging 65% how do i calculate the 3 digit offline, is it the same as step 1

#correct divided by total number of questions times 184 times 1.5?

really appreciate your help
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