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* Beginner of uworld
  mania06 - 08/12/17 04:47
  Hey friends!
I have just started with my uworld. We all are in different stages of preparation. I wish to do Self study for the first time! Revision with study partner during my subsequent rounds. I am looking for someone with whom i can keep a check on day to day basis so that focus and motovation is maintained throughout the process of finishing uworld. Looking forward for seriousness so that ck is done soon and efficiently.

Goodluck all 🙂
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* Re:Beginner of uworld
  tsbusmle - 08/13/17 05:27
  My skype id is: tsbusmle
Just started with MTB+UW
Exam in end Nov
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* Re:Beginner of uworld
  gent2winnie - 08/26/17 23:08
  Hey mania06..I am also a beginner and I like the idea of just keeping each other on skype is is  
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* Re:Beginner of uworld
  hadg - 08/27/17 00:31
  Hi mania06.I am also a beginner andI like to join with you,My skype Id is hasan gadal.
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* Re:Beginner of uworld
  avneet - 08/30/17 23:24
  Please join me too for motivation at avneet2319.  
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* Re:Beginner of uworld
  friona - 08/31/17 19:10
  skype: step2study  
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