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* failed...need guidance
  anammm - 10/23/17 18:29
  I have failed step 2 ck twice. I would like to give it one more shot. I need guidance what to do next. any courses recommended that would help me. any help would be highly appreciated  
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* Re:failed...need guidance
  virgo32 - 10/23/17 19:43
  did you take NBME or UWSA before exam and are you done with Step 1 exam?  
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* Re:failed...need guidance
  anammm - 10/23/17 22:42
  yes I'm done with step 1 and step 2 cs. my uwsa1 was 215 and nbme 4 was 220.
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* Re:failed...need guidance
  dream250 - 10/24/17 00:50
  How did you fail it 2x..? You should have aimed for >240 if you failed it first time. If you didn't get 240 on your self assessment you should have not taken it 2nd time. You should have passed it 2nd time.  
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* Re:failed...need guidance
  usmle_coach - 10/24/17 02:24
  @anammm- Maybe I could help you. please send an email to and inform me
where do you live in the US?
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* Re:failed...need guidance
  jadedoc - 10/26/17 03:30
  Look into they have great explanations and a good break down on how to study and retain a strong foundation; it's very good and not as expensive as Kaplan. DIT is useless. I also recommend a good study technique memory book like: Triple Your Reading, Memory, and Concentration in 30 Minutes
by Kam Knigh, to reframe how you study and learn, using mind maps to try and quickly recall tricky topics. Youtube have good videos on usmle mind mapping that's worth a peak, and Onlinemeded videos are on youtube as well for free. Maybe this might help, and you can push through this rough patch, I've seen others do the same so it is not impossible.
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* Re:failed...need guidance
  neurogirl91 - 10/26/17 17:42
  Also failed twice. Absolutely lost as to what to do because Iíve exhausted all the main methods of study prep. How do I move forward?  
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* Re:failed...need guidance
  anammm - 10/26/17 19:13
  thankyou jadedoc for the recommendation. I'm definitely looking into it  
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* Re:failed...need guidance
  masterminds - 10/28/17 03:22
  As it will be your 3rd attempt try to find some one who has passed same situation and whom did they assist for tutoring.  
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* Re:failed...need guidance
  kaushal1088 - 10/31/17 03:15
  I am in the same boat as you are. Failing 2nd time is a devastating feeling. But don't lose hope and keep moving forward. Plan out study schedule, follow it rigorously and don't repeat the same mistakes which u did previously.

I have started reading STEP UP to Medicine book from last week and its going well. Completed CVS and RS
Don't rely on MTB only. its not worth it coz most of the content in MTB 2 IM is not in depth and regularly updated. Step up to medicine co-relates nicely with UW concepts.

MTB 2/3 is mainly for rapid review of topics only. its not for understanding and building concepts.
I will be reading IM from STEP UP and other subjects from MTB 3.

Let's keep ourselves motivated during this extremely rough and challenging times.
any more suggestions are very much appreciated.

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* Re:failed...need guidance
  sandhu123 - 11/04/17 22:38
  Guys forget what happened and work hard for the test again. If you pass with a good score, the programs will definitely give you credit. I had failed step 3 earlier and then passed it recently and my past preparation was very helpful. Email me if you want to discuss more
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