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* FAILED- HOPE-recommendations for ALL Step prep!
  crabg - 11/07/17 11:34
  I am brand new to this forum. Wanted to give back by sharing what worked for me.
There is so much information out there its easy to get lost on how to study for these exams.
I had the unfortunate experience of failing an exam... It sucked. Then I had to reorganized my mindset and study methods. and it paid off. I scored higher than average in all my exams after that failure.
So if you are in that current situation, there is HOPE

I kept it simple for each Step:
ONLY 3 ITEMS (any more and your head will explode!):
1) one book (learn basic knowledge)
2) one question bank (to practice and master)
3) one re-enforcer App (to keep things fresh in your mind)
Master all 3!!!!!

Here is what i used
Step 1:
Book: FIRST AID (Read it cover to cover)
Test bank: UWorld Q-bank (Gold standard)
Re-enforcement App: (Perfect super-fast way to review)

Step 2CK:
Book: Step-up USMLE Step 2 CK (Great and to the point)
Test bank: USMLE-Rx (about the same as Q-bank, but cheaper)
App: (covers all 3 steps, insane # of material, cheap)

Step 2CS:
Watch you tube videos on tips

Step 3CK:
Book: Crush Step 3 (high yield material listed first)
Test bank: USMLE-Rx (good visuals and cheaper than Q-bank)
App: (Can review it anywhere)

Step 3CS:
if you need to practice, try (practice and grades you!)

For those of you out there that find other material more useful, please share. Different methods work for different people.
That's it... Good luck
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