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* FAST vs CT
  nelly88 - 11/07/17 16:26
  Hi Guys!
I have a question... I'm confused in the management between doing a FAST or doing a CT scan in a stable patient with blunt abdominal trauma. I read a question in Kaplan where there's a woman who has car accident and she's hemodinamically stable and she's complaining about epigastric pain, so the next step in management is CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis. But there's an explanation on the uworld ID 4930 that says a hemodynamically stable patient, alert with normal mental status should be evaluated on FAST first, who doesn't make sense. Does anyone know the real management? Because I think that explanation from Uworld has a mistake.
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* Re:FAST vs CT
  drpaulpogba - 11/12/17 11:58
  Itís right
For stable BLunt abd trauma
Non alert or intoxicated - then direct CT scan

If alert and non intoxicated - then can do FAST first as cheaper quicker and then do an abd CT if FAST positive
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* Re:FAST vs CT
  amrith277 - 11/13/17 22:24
  In any case initial test would be FAST then comes CT simply for the time taken and cost. Best diagnostic test would be CT.  
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