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* NBME-Neuro
  kennychan - 12/04/17 16:59
  An 82-year-old woman with mild dementia, Alzheimer type, is admitted to the hospital for treatment of pyelonephritis. She has been living at home under the care of her husband. She has been receiving intravenous antibiotics for 1 day. Her pulse is 90/min, respirations are 16/min, and blood pressure is 152/70 mm Hg. Physical examination shows right constovertebral angle tenderness. On mental status examination, she is alert and oriented to person and place but not to time. She is calm. Her husband is concerned because she becomes more confused and agitated when she is away from home, especially at night. Which of the following is most appropriate to prevent agitation in this patient during hospitalization?
a) Bright illumination of the room at all times
b) Decrease ambient noise and number of interruptions at night
c) Hourly orientation by nurse to her situation
d) Low-dose haloperidol therapy (wrong)
e) Use of restraints as needed

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* Re:NBME-Neuro
  tchops - 12/05/17 11:22
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