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* Gold vs nycs-prep vs kaplan
  avgjoe - 01/09/17 00:23
  hi, anyone taken this Gold CS review course at the NY location. pls give your feedback as I am planning on taking it.

Also, how about nycs prep or kaplan live???

any forums members taken any of these courses pls help by sharing your experiences.

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* Re:Gold vs nycs-prep vs kaplan
  ohiodoc88 - 01/18/17 00:49
  I recently took the Gold course at NY location (Jan 13-15). I must say it was worth the $$. I don't know about other review courses but at Gold we had only 12-15 students and they don't take a large class so this way its much better compared to other courses. The hours were draining but when you finish the course you will feel well prepared . I am taking my exam in a week and thanks to Dr. Thomas for drilling the PE, patient notes, and Hx gathering. This course trains you to score in high performance range. Also you get feedback on all your notes and its very helpful. Just make sure you have the stamina to pay attention in class. Dr. Thomas didn't waste a single minute, and some days we barely had any breaks. I would highly recommend this course. Will let you know how my CS exam experience went later next week.  
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* Re:Gold vs nycs-prep vs kaplan
  kittycat - 02/01/17 12:26
  I had the course jan27-29 at houston,they are the same group fly to NY,I should say they are great,DR Thomas knows everything about this exam,before this course I was lost and unorganized .
It was the first time I was happy about spending money on my prep,It really worth it.they give all feed backs,I am an old grad ,so really happy that i took it,i am more confident now and going for the high performance,they are strongly recommended,
good luck
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* Re:Gold vs nycs-prep vs kaplan
  dopeenat - 01/31/18 17:16
  I passed with high performance in all three aspects of the Step 2 CS exam (a big thanks to Dr. Thomas and the rest of the staff.) In retrospect, I personally think I wouldn't have done it if I hadn't attended Gold USMLE Review in Houston. Dr. Thomas and the rest of the staff were very accommodating to each and everyone. They teach very important things and techniques, which are not found in a lot of Step 2 CS review/reference materials. Furthermore, they make sure that the students develop the proper attitude and mindset in approaching the Step 2 CS exam. The review center provides an excellent mock exam (which I found a total confidence and stamina booster). Without a doubt, I highly recommend those prepping for the Step 2 CS exam to attend it!  
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* Re:Gold vs nycs-prep vs kaplan
  triptan19 - 01/31/18 18:12
  how long before should it should be helpful to take class and before class do i need to fully prepared like real exam?  
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