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* lung examination?????
  bangusmle - 06/27/17 12:38
  I had a doubt abt Lung examination?? Should V ask the patient to sit up or lie down during Lung examination?The U world Phy. Exam Video shows to be doing it while Patient is lying down...But How can v per-cuss the posterior aspect of chest or Auscultate the post part of chest in a lying down patient..Can anyone please clear this,n also how abt tactile vocal fremitus?
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* Re:lung examination?????
  drbrenda - 08/23/17 17:33
  It is best to have the pt sitting upright Inspection Auscultation Palpation and percussion front and back along with CVS exam included  
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* Re:lung examination?????
  asma252 - 10/10/17 20:17
  FOR THE LUNG EXAM they should be lying down if its an ER case
sitting for clinic cases.
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* Re:lung examination?????
  asma252 - 10/11/17 16:58
  you have to also assess chest excursion too  
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* Re:lung examination?????
  carlos79 - 12/10/17 12:12
  Inspection auscultation palpation percussion  
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* Re:lung examination?????
  p.rizvi - 12/15/17 10:50
  you have to palpate for chest wall tenderness as well  
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* Re:lung examination?????
  morticia - 12/17/17 23:42
  U have to do lung examination as xarlos said but chest wall tenderness depending on the case u have
If the pt complain is chest wall pain so u have to rile out costochondritis and so on but he he is short of breath there is no need to palpate the chest wall
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* Re:lung examination?????
  carlos79 - 12/23/17 12:20
  TVF is the most important part along with auscultation so if time is running out you must do this at least  
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* Re:lung examination?????
  drbrenda - 01/05/18 16:15
  I will be willing to meetup on skype or at a location of your choice to help you for free let me know if you are free this weekend  
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* Re:lung examination?????
  anwaribrahim - 01/05/18 20:48
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please choose only established companies and established people that helped your friends pass.
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Be very careful when you prepare for the USMLE avoid all tutors if you can
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