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* Alhamdulilah passed step2cs
  asma252 - 10/11/17 17:38
  I got my passing score today got hjgh performance in ICE and I would like to personally thank all the study partners i met on this forum. I used FA and Goldusmle cs workshop When I arrived at the philadelphia test center I was nervous i was one of 3 img there was only 3 IMG there rest AMG.. I got off to a good start aced the first neuro case had a total of 4 neuros cases rest were a mix of all body systems, I FINISHED ALL THE CASES within 13.5 mins had extra time to type the note. I noticed alot of people had difficulty finishing typing the note its a good thing i finished my cases early and i gave myself more time to type.
There are alot of things that you need to type out and you cant abbreviate that much, the goldcs course helped me understand which abbreviations i can use and which I cannot that made a big differenence for me since my typing spoed was not that good. After attending the class and practicing the notes heavily i was able to type my notes consistenly on time, the most important thing is knowing the correct physical exam sequence and differential signs and symptoms, i was able to gain alot of strength from the goldusme course and I am thankful to the wonderful patients feedback and the course instructors endurance and conditioning no nonsense approach was very good. I took my exam July 27 in Philadelphia
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* Re:Alhamdulilah passed step2cs
  asma252 - 10/11/17 17:38
  I took my exam July 27 in Philadelphia  
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* Re:Alhamdulilah passed step2cs
  reza21 - 10/11/17 17:48
  congratulations on passing thank you for being my partner we covered alot of cases at the library thank you  
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* Re:Alhamdulilah passed step2cs
  elen_ithil - 10/12/17 11:17
  congrats!! I had the same issue with typing space, I always seemed to run out ! Took my exam on Aug 19th in Houston, cases were pretty standard I think..
congrats again and best of luck!
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* Re:Alhamdulilah passed step2cs
  isak67 - 10/13/17 21:30
I did mine in philly and hoping for good results
did you feel confident after hte exam???
I feel confident becaseu my exam experience was easy to get through except for my own stress but I did not find any big surprises so I think I did well
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* Re:Alhamdulilah passed step2cs
  marrium - 10/18/17 23:29
  congrats asma, can you help me out about CS exam , i took this exam very long time ago, 2013. after a long gap want to go over again to ace this . if you dont mind can i get your email add?
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* Re:Alhamdulilah passed step2cs
  drjha85 - 10/22/17 11:55
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* Re:Alhamdulilah passed step2cs
#3352079 - 11/06/17 02:39
  Congra for both of you guys, can you please give some information on how to contact goldusmle? Your guidance will be very helpful. thanks  
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* Re:Alhamdulilah passed step2cs
  elen_ithil - 11/06/17 09:14
  @gebre_tes what do you mean with "how to contact goldusmle"? for their courses? i think the website has all the details on dates/ locations/prices.. but I have not used it, sorry  
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* Re:Alhamdulilah passed step2cs
  reza21 - 11/20/17 21:21
  thank you for your help and guidance  
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* Re:Alhamdulilah passed step2cs
  drjha85 - 11/21/17 15:32
  I used goldusmle and I passed my exam with high performance their sp is very helpful and nice and gave great feedback, course was very thorough and well done. Strongly recommend it  
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