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* PASSED CS Exam Today. Thank you GoldUSMLE Review
  blessedlady - 10/11/17 23:41
  This is to all medical students, and doctors seeking a great USMLE CS Review course, I strongly recommend you take the GoldusmleReview Class in Houston. I took this review course before taking my CS exam on July 25, 2017 in Houston, Texas. This is one of the best decision I made. The CS review workshop was intense 12-13 hour days, but every hour was worth the money. Dr. Thomas went beyond to ensure that I understood all physical exams, how to properly enter the patient's room, as well as taught the appropriate ways to write a 1st year resident level patient note. Dr. Thomas never got tired of teaching and made it his goal to make sure every student doctor is well prepared before stepping into the actual USMLE CS exam. The mock exam helped me the most. These exams are designed just like the actual exam. I gained constructive feedback from Dr. Thomas and his outstanding standardized patients during each mock exam. Today, I received my PASSING CS Score.

If you are looking for the best CS review program to ensure you pass your exam, I strongly recommend you take Goldusmlereview Class IN Houston.

If you have any questions about the Goldusmlereview Class IN Houston, please feel free to post your questions on here and I will respond or text: (913) 945-0567 or email:
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