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* Failed CS w/ houstoncs-tutor
  sameer87 - 11/21/17 16:51
  I also failed my cs exam with houston-cstutor he is fraud and scam that is stealing money from students, and teaching outdated things, please be aware of this conartist h.s. tutor thief that is soliciting clientele in the Park inn hotel, I had a bad experience with this loser do not accept free session from him , then he will try to take money from you and never come back again
I want a full refund for what you took from me since I failed my exam
i am owed this right
come bring your brown smelly self to the park inn front desk I am coming with my policeman brother to teach you a lesson for theft of services and intellectual theft
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* Re:Failed CS w/ houstoncs-tutor
  sameer87 - 11/21/17 16:51
I had the same experience with this pathetic tutor I am glad people are standing up to this lowlife scammer that has nothing else to do with his free time.
I took sessions from a tutor in park inn.. he harassed me and solicited my services in the hotel not knowing about his reputation . He is a arabic man with accent i doubt he is even a doctor, and he gave first session free then for the following session he took my money never showed up on time and mislead me on the exam. Several people have also failed with this absolutely terrible lowlife houston cs tutor heavy accent arabic man
he mislead and only knows about the old exam, I got a worse score on my Kaplan mock exam thanks to him
and he showed me the wrong physical exams from 2008 when he took it,
he is not updated for the new exam and has no clue what he is doing
he offers free sessions because his ultimate plan is to steal money from you and never show up and run away with your money
I have taken pictures of him and i am going to file a police report to get my money back from him
I will ALSO be waiting in the Park inn lobby every day to confront him and get my money back, My brother is a cop he will come with me.
I will also advise other students to be careful with him, and I will speak with the general manager of PARK inn to have him arrested if he cons anyone else please avoid this scam and fraud loser ar, Im glad other people had similar experiences with him.
he also speaks bad about other programs like success academy kaplan and csevideos and other workshops because he is directly competing with them
please avoid and report this guy to the Park inn manager and police if you see him
he is a thief and is just looking to steal money
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* Re:Failed CS w/ houstoncs-tutor
  honestimgs - 11/21/17 16:53
  I also had the same situation
he did the same thing to me total scam he is
he is not even accredited or certified I was stupid to give money to him
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* Re:Failed CS w/ houstoncs-tutor
  honestimgs - 11/21/17 16:56
  Yeah i am on my way
I believe you belong in a dumpster or garbage can by the way
you are such a trash pathetic lowlife with nothing better to do than to scam people and run away with their money
Look all i want is my money back and other people are also asking
just give the money back and avoid the problem
I am also coming to Park inn right now with my friends
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* Re:Failed CS w/ houstoncs-tutor
  workhard11 - 11/21/17 21:39
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* Re:Failed CS w/ houstoncs-tutor
  workhard11 - 11/22/17 18:39
  No ur ok  
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* Re:Failed CS w/ houstoncs-tutor
  workhard11 - 11/22/17 18:40
  Hope your good sameer let it go... stay peace  
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* Re:Failed CS w/ houstoncs-tutor
  workhard11 - 11/22/17 20:32
  Where worth a e we need cheese fireiws and steaks for my dog last  
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* Re:Failed CS w/ houstoncs-tutor
  miacarmel - 11/24/17 22:24
  would you please elaborate little bit like mentiong name how much he offer then that will be great help for other people . Thanks .  
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* Re:Failed CS w/ houstoncs-tutor
  jacobcs - 11/27/17 01:44
  Yes, I also took private training class AT THE PARK INN HOTEL I WAS TRICKED by this crook, uses multiple user ids to offer tutoring crap to students that dont really need it
last user id he is using is houston-cstutor or houstoncsprep he is a fake conartist scammer tutor that makes a living ripping off students in the Park inn he is a total liar and had stole over $400 dollars from me without even showing up to my room, he gave first session free to sucker you in, then he will charge you a good deal then never show up for services, he is also a accented IMG with multiple USMLE failures on multiple attempts thats why he is doing this
Please stay away from tutors that try to teach off other peoples notes or other sources they will offer you free first time then rob you blndlLY AFTER
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* Re:Failed CS w/ houstoncs-tutor
  workhard11 - 12/03/17 21:55
  Harish Malik  
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