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* Emailing program director a question
  usmle_step_123 - 01/03/17 22:36
  Just wondering whats the general opinion on emailing a PD for a second look? Also can we mention to the PD that we will rank there hospital first?

Really appreciate advice!
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* Re:Emailing program director a question
  heartlocker - 01/03/17 23:16
  Not a good idea(my opinion).

They invite for a second look, we don't ask for one.
You can say about being genuinely interested in the program( You can express your interest to the extent you like depending on how well the interview went and how friendly you were/are with them).

Just my view.

But I really like your positivity and confidence man. I bet you did your interview pretty well, in other words freaking nailed it!
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* Re:Emailing program director a question
  usmle_step_123 - 01/03/17 23:38
  Thanks for your advice i really appreciate it, im really suprised about what you said about they asking us for second look i always thought it was a way to show interest in a program so you got me that really the general consensus? What about saying I will rank you first is that allowed, as in can we tell the PD that?

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* Re:Emailing program director a question
  ledzeppelin - 01/04/17 00:01
  Yes, you could ask for a second look. No problem with that.
Yes, you can express your interest by saying you will rank the program first or sth like that. No problem with that as well.

Now, will any of these increase your chance of matching into the program? I doubt so. I might but not by much in my opinion
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* Re:Emailing program director a question
  hiwan12 - 01/04/17 19:41
  No this is not a good idea, my personal opinion. It decrease your chances. They think you are desperate plus it is uncomfortable for you because nobody is really have time for you. They are too busy!  
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* Re:Emailing program director a question
  moneygram - 01/10/17 08:57
  It is definitely negative. Don't lower your matching chances by such irritating emails to PDs.

Either you accept or not - the rude way of explaining it is - residents will be living on the mercy of PDs, not the programs surviving on the super intelligent residents.
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* Re:Emailing program director a question
  moneygram - 01/10/17 08:59
  If you want to have a second look, email administrative assistant. Make sure the email wordings are highly professional and no where the wording show your superiority.  
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* Re:Emailing program director a question
  paytoll - 01/10/17 16:56
  I wouldnt suggest this idea because it might get backfire on you. You can show the interst by mailing PD but not by asking second look. In a way nothing matters if want to rank you they will.  
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* Re:Emailing program director a question
  nrmp2012 - 01/14/17 08:24
  There is nothing wrong with requesting for a second look.
When I was a resident, we had applicants come for second look all the time.
The PD will typically forward your email to coordinator to arrange that and my PD will typically not even meeen you. 2nd look is more for you than the program.

Also you can email a program and tell them they are your number one (only do this if they truly are). Most PDs have been burned so much by IMGs that you saying this doesn't change their rank list
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