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* New H1 law
  moneygram - 01/08/17 09:24
  Do you know if the new H1 law affect residency programs also? Do they have to make minimum $100K during residency?  
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* Re:New H1 law
  moneygram - 01/09/17 18:48
  Any news?  
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* Re:New H1 law
  heartlocker - 01/09/17 21:40
  The law has been proposed and is up for discussion. It might affect getting a job on H1B but as far as residency is concerned, the programs might opt for J1 instead of H1B. As the doctor shortage in the USA can't be fulfilled by the American medical graduates alone, so there should not be much effect on residency probability (The competition however, will be tough every year as the number of IMGs increase).

About salary, they would rather go for J1 than raising salary, I guess.
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* Re:New H1 law
  geniculate - 01/09/17 22:28
Its a complex issue that is mainly driven by money.

Residency programs are solely funded by the federal money. In the last 8-10 years 35+ MD/DO programs started to graduate physicians. With the recent merger of DO/MD boards, a lot DO residency programs were shut down.

There has been steady increase in medical schools, but the residency positions stayed somewhat stagnant.

The purpose of opening new medical schools is to eliminate the shortage of physicians in the US by US physicians.

US citizens who are not able to secure admission at a US medical school often opt to attend Caribbean schools. Several of these schools recieve federal student loans. Individuals graduating from these schools end up owing 500k PLUS in debt. There is also a push to get US IMG's priority over foreign nationals so they can pay off their student loans.

US is still far more lenient than Canada, Australia, and other Western European Countries in giving foreign doctors a chance to train and practice.

Highly qualified foreign doctors will continue to get H-1B visa, the numbers of H-1B visa might go down.
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* Re:New H1 law
  geniculate - 01/09/17 22:34

How Medicare Subsidizes Doctor Training
By Catherine Rampell December 17, 2013

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* Re:New H1 law
  geniculate - 01/09/17 22:39
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* Re:New H1 law
  moneygram - 01/10/17 08:46
  Ya, if the H1 law passes, then programs prefer J1 visas.

I think for residency programs J1 is more appropriate visa.

But, it is nice if programs pay $100K with H1 visa.
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* Re:New H1 law
  moneygram - 01/31/17 20:58
  Is it $130K now?  
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* Re:New H1 law
  doctorstrange - 01/31/17 22:47
  It does not apply to doctors!  
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* Re:New H1 law
  medfq - 02/01/17 00:12
  @ But it is nice if program pay $100K with H1 visa. HAHAHA  
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* Re:New H1 law
  triscuits - 02/01/17 07:52
  Although nothing is certain, the h1b order still has a possibility affecting doctors:  
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